Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • CWallace
    Jun 18, 01:35 PM
    I wonder what the IO performance of the reader is and what a 64GB drive might manage.

    Be nice if the I/O was good enough to feed DVD/HD video. I'm thinking hard about a new Mini for my HTPC and since my media is on a 2TB FW800 drive - being able to store it on a card, instead, would be sweet. :D :cool:

    (And yes, I am sure such a 2TB card, if and when it ships, would be significantly expensive).

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  • iMeowbot
    Oct 16, 10:06 PM
    The trademark was posted with a "Far Eastern" patent office...hmmmm... That is Japan I believe.
    There is no application for iPhone in the Japanese trademark database.

    There are, however, applications for iPhone dating from late September in several countries' systems: Hong Kong, Singapore, UK/EU, US. These applications have all been taken out by a mysterious US entity known as Ocean Telecom Services LLC, which gives only Corporation Trust Center of Wilmington, Delaware as its contact address. This corporation was only formed a few days before the trademark applications appeared.

    (This doesn't appear to be Ocean Telecom of the UK, who don't make hardware; the trademark applications are definitely for hardware and software.)

    More oddly, these applications list priority as an application filed in Trinidad and Tobago back in March 2006 - not bad for a company that came into being several months later. Annoyingly, the T&T IP Office servers haven't been responding today, so there isn't a quick way to check if this Ocean Telecom Services entity is an Apple shell.

    Apple have, in the past, used the T&T trademark office (along with other countries not in primary Apple markets) to "hide" applications before, so it's certainly possible that this is from them.

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  • -SD-
    Jul 14, 06:47 AM
    Well here we have it, an Amazon listing ( for the new Arcade S?

    If it turns out this is correct, then 4GB onboard memory is quite an upgrade over the 512MB in the previous incarnation. I'm convinced that the Arcade S will be glossy white. Amazon seem to have changed the page slightly, as it was showing a price of €148.99.


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  • kfscoll
    Apr 28, 09:33 AM
    I'd actually pay a little extra to get Lion on a read-only USB drive. I've had to reinstall SL a few times (new computers, testing, new hard drive, etc) and reinstalling (heck, even booting) from optical media is painfully slow.


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  • john123
    Mar 26, 06:07 PM
    I believe this is a side street, not University. Looks like a cafe on Bryant.

    Also, Steve wears the same close because he has better things to think about in the morning than what to wear. That's my understanding. Hell, I wear the same thing for the same reason.

    I agree that it's a side street, but don't think it's Bryant. My CA office is just off Bryant, so I've walked it up and down and can't place it. The reflection is what suggests a side street to me.

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  • oscillatewildly
    Apr 4, 03:56 PM

    If taxation is designed to ween us from foreign oil and clean-up the atmosphere, then a gas tax is perfect. Otherwise, it needs to be based on miles driven somehow (perhaps along with a weight multiplier).

    Hi mstrze,

    The system in the UK was altered as a gesture to reducing total carbon dioxide emission. Being the UK it took the car route - big car, must be rich, easy target - rather than loading the fuel price - more votes to be lost making high use small car owners pay their fair share.:rolleyes:

    Much of the damage here seems to be caused by cable and utility companies, and the weather. Tax the companies plus strict completion time and quality requirements? A lot of bad patch jobs injuring motorcyclists and cyclists, even before they become potholes.

    Highway miles? The old chestnut is tolls.



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  • MorphingDragon
    Apr 15, 08:36 AM
    still cheaper than a lot of the competition. before we went to sql 2005 we looked at Oracle. by the time you bought the add on packs it was almost $1 million for our installation. SQL was 1/4 that.

    AD might be a bit expensive but the AD forests people created in Windows 2000 can be upgraded every version with minimal issues and it works out of the box. with other products you first have to spend months creating your schema, pray it doesn't break when used with other products and upgrading can be a big PITA. AD is the apple of corporate IT. you don't need a team of geeks toiling away for months to code a ldap schema, it just works out of the box

    1. You aren't looking very hard if your choices became MSSQL vs OracleDB.

    2. If you spend months creating your LDAP or even AD schema/map, you need to go back to your clients/customer/contractee/er and do some proper planning.

    3. AD was quickly dumped by the likes of Wall Street and Cox Industries. AD is a solution, not the Apple of Corporate IT.

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  • OneMike
    Mar 23, 03:40 PM
    possible but I don't really know if I believe this.


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  • jeffreyropp
    Oct 6, 11:56 AM
    I don't find 3.5" too big.

    That's what she said.

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  • mac1984user
    Apr 12, 03:43 PM
    Does anyone know if this update fixes the issue of Office depositing some 'recovered files' in the trash upon every boot? That was sooo annoying. Every time I booted, I'd have to empty the trash. Other people had the same issue, but there wasn't a proper solution. One Microsoft employee just said, 'it's safe to empty your trash.' That's not the solution we're looking for! Why are random files being generated in the trash in the first place?! Sorry. =)


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  • rdowns
    Mar 11, 04:08 PM
    As an example, the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are both 80% U.S./Canadian parts content. The Chevrolet Silverado pickup? ...61%. :eek:

    My Acura TL is built here from 75% American parts, 15% Japanese and no others listed.

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  • tbrinkma
    May 2, 07:24 PM
    Exactly, whats silly is the "ALL are thicker" or "NONE are thicker" garbage. It's clearly a QA issue Apple is having with the phones...which I think is sad given the time it took for them to release. :(

    Yep. Probably an accidental run of back plates made with slightly thicker than spec glass. The difference in thickness is not significant enough that someone is going to notice during the assembly or packaging process, so it wouldn't necessarily have been caught until after shipment.

    (I say back plates, because all the side-by-side comparisons have the metal band appearing at the same place in the photos, with only the back to account for the difference in thickness.)


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  • fotografica
    Mar 30, 08:42 AM
    Varies greatly from station to station..

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  • akatsuki
    Mar 23, 09:16 PM
    I'd just like to be able to stream audio to my car using AirPlay instead of plugging my iPhone in every time.


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  • fivepoint
    Mar 16, 09:24 AM
    ranking of world wide 16+ ton vehicles sales in 2007

    you migth have missed it when Volvo and Daimler went on their buying frenzy

    Excuse me, I was talking about consumer pickup trucks, not large16+ Ton HD shipping trucks.

    There it is folks. The American consumer is at fault for the problems of the US auto industry.

    In a roundabout way, perhaps. The companies are almost exclusively at fault for letting the unions take them over and reduce their ability to produce competitive vehicles at competitive prices. Certain consumers are to somewhat to blame for basically falling for it... for not paying attention to build quality, value, and instead simply purchasing something because it was 'made in America.'

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  • grawk
    Mar 14, 10:07 AM
    Lion Server

    Simply a better server.
    Lion Server is now part of Mac OS X Lion. It�s easy to set up your Mac as a server and take advantage of the many services Lion Server has to offer. Here are just a few of the new features that make server deployment faster, easier, and more powerful than ever.

    That doesn't say anything about the preview.


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  • Ruahrc
    Mar 18, 03:24 PM
    Its funny that film and film cameras were so difficult to get right, but there was almost no post-processing. Now we shoot computers with lenses attached, get great technical results, yet post-process our photos to death.

    I don't think this is entirely true. There was plenty of post processing back in the film days, just look at the works of Ansel Adams. It's just that the typical hobby photographer wasn't the one doing it- he sent his film off to a processing lab where it got developed and "post processed" by the lab technicians. Nowadays, with digital, the hobby photographer does almost all of the post processing himself.

    The fundamentals of the process have not changed all that much, just who does them, and where/how.


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  • john123
    Mar 26, 06:29 PM
    It's a point of human interest, not to mention it was an interesting guessing game for those of us who have lived/worked in Palo Alto. Far more interesting than most of the stuff I read about these days that passes as "news."

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  • suMMx
    Mar 17, 01:26 AM
    $3.90 for regular today, I paid $50 to fill my scion tc

    Mar 12, 10:01 AM
    So who is going out today to try and find one? I personally think the chances are slim to none.

    Sep 25, 10:58 AM
    I'm not a photographer, so I don't understand the significance of this update, but I was surprised to see all of these integration improvements. Is integrating with Flickr or your iPod or keynote that useful to a pro? I'd have though these were things more of interest to an average Mac user trying to show off his vacation/baby photos.

    Are you pros interested in these things? Or maybe Apple is trying to get the serious amateur interested in Aperture?
    There are tons of serious amateurs using or interested in Aperture. Or Lightroom. This would be an excellent feature for me. (if I could use the program, see above)

    The worst "feature" of Aperture is the high computer requirements. It really is a resource hog for not much reason. LR is becoming very similar with far less system specs.

    May 2, 01:27 PM
    Did they confirm that the table on which they put the two iPhones was totally even?

    Did they confirm they did not photoshop? I doubt they would. But these days, they would do anything for a headline.

    tipb also used calipers and found a difference.

    Otterbox, a maker of iPhone 4 cases, also confirms,default,pd.html?dwvar_APL7-I4XXX_color=20&start=2&cgid=apple-iphone-4-cases:
    Not compatible with WHITE iPhone 4. Due to slight changes in the form factor for the white Apple iPhone 4 released this week, the OtterBox Defender Series, Commuter Series and Impact Series cases will not work with this new device.

    as well as several other people.

    You are quickly encroaching into wild conspiracy theory territory if you think all these people/sites are making this up.


    Jan 19, 09:59 PM
    Does this help?

    Mar 3, 09:27 PM
    I've posted this before on the pic of the day thread but it is one of my favorite "contrast" shots to date.

    A nice contrast of warm and cold colors. The diagonal framing is severe enough to look deliberate and works well with the surreal lighting. If you were to take another whack at it, you might consider placing an object or a person in a window or in the doorway to serve as a focal point. As it is, there isn't really one place in the frame that serves as the primary visual pay-off or subject of the image. Also, you might try an exposure that gives you some more range of tonality, since the blacks are really crushed here, and they occupy large areas of the frame.

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