Wednesday, June 29, 2011

compaq 420 specifications

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  • rajeshalex
    07-22 08:01 AM
    Hi All,

    For the adjusment of status to that of a lawful permanent resident
    in the office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service center, which one I should select ?. I live in virginina. Is it the one at Vermon?

    Is there a link to determine which office to select?
    This is one of the questions in ETA-750 B

    Thank You


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  • maverick_joe
    05-12 02:19 PM
    thanks rockstart, will try that route.
    I have renewed my DL in VA while my H1B was pending last year (Oct 07) . All you need is your H1-B application receipt and they will extend it by 1 Year.

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  • kirupa
    04-16 01:38 AM
    The Z in Zelda seems a bit too hard to read. Have you considered using a more top-down view of Zelda from a game like Link to the Past? That might work better.

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  • prashantkh
    07-19 03:54 PM
    Hi all:

    I entered the country on Advance Parole and so now I am on EAD status because of that.

    I am on my 8th year of extension. My H1B was valid till 2009 but now it is not because of my EAD. Its been more than a year since I applied for 485 and My I-140 has been approved.

    Q.1 Can I join another employer based on a new H1B so as to reinstate my H1B status? I plan to file for AC21 if I change employers.

    Q.2 Can I apply for a new H1B with my CURRENT employer based on my current job?

    I would really appreciate your input.

    Thanks in advance.


    You can ask on the conference call this Sunday


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  • mach1343
    12-07 02:16 PM

    I was on H1 before and my I797 form says my h1 is good till 082011. And in June my employer terminated my employment. Within a month I changed my status to H4 and got my H4 visa stamped from India. Now I got a project and my employer re hired me and started my h1 processing (regular). And my client gave the start date from Dec 14th.
    My employer is saying that you can work from Dec 14th however once you get an approval you have to leave and comeback with H1 stamp on it.
    They said that we have done these situations before and I also contacted one of the person and she was saying that she started working once h1 filed then she immediately left to India to get stamped (She also said they is an option to get it stamped in Canada as well).

    Now is this true? My GC process currently waiting for the date (EB2-I140 APPROVED). Does this affect my GC in future?
    I told my employer( it's a big reputed company) and they are saying that we will ever do anything illegal, if it is illegal then we won't even consider that option so you are fine don't worry and our immigration lawyers are very experienced so you have understand and trust us. This is what they are saying.

    Whom to believe? What is right? what is wrong? Please understand my confused situation. I am going through lot of stress right now because of this.

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  • prouddesi
    10-10 07:23 PM
    San Diegan IV members,

    There is a conference call on Friday, October 12 at 9:30 pm. Details are on the yahoo groups.

    We are looking for your valuable suggestions and help in upcoming IV flyer drive and booth events so please join us in making this happen!

    Please join So Cal State Chapter (via the link in my signature) if you have not done so already.
    San Diego Coordinators


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  • meridiani.planum
    11-03 01:31 AM

    Hello IVians,

    I am with company A on L1B in the US. Company B is processing my GC for future employment. Now my L1B is up for renewal in December. There is a lot of paperwork that my company has asked me work on. In one of the questionnaires, I am asked if my labor / 140 / 485 is pending. I don't know what to answer.

    -- The truth.

    Does any of the forms for L1B renewal needs this info? Will it be an issue if I say no? Does USCIS really care?

    -- if you lie and USCIS finds out then you are in big trouble. Also, existing applications can be looked up at any time (Eg: while adjudicating your 485 they can go over your old L1 application).
    Atleast the visa stamping form DS-156 asks if an immigrant visa petition has ever been filed for you, so its not uncommon, dont know about L1.

    Pls share your experiences.


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  • viksi82
    11-10 05:55 PM
    Thanks Guys. Finding a notary for the affidavit was bit tough..:)


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  • sw33t
    07-27 04:30 PM
    Sorry guys!

    I was trying to post this on the state chapters so we could get some engagement about this event. I didn't realize it would flood the main board.


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  • bkarnik
    09-24 08:38 PM
    Just got 3 transfer notices from CSC saying applcations transfered to NSC. Applcations reached July23rd at NSC. 140 approved from TSC.
    Anybody in similar situation....

    Please see my posts in the separate thread you have already started for the same questions.


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  • Bobby Digital
    October 19th, 2005, 07:23 PM
    There is always an ad for rain gear in the back of photo mags by this one company...I can't think of their name at the moment but I'll find it when I get home. Stuff looks pretty neat.

    I've seen those ads, but wonder how effective the products are. I bought one after seeing it in an add and it fits perfect with my 300 but with smaller lenses it's to big. I was hoping I might hear from someone who has one for a smaller lense (17-80 ish).

    Bobby D.

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  • arc
    10-08 03:20 PM
    I have a valid H4 after receving the EAD now getting paid on 1099 (on an off), I am planning to visit India this year. My question is!

    Can I come back on H4 (I have a valid stamp) or do I have to use my AP since I am using my EAD privileges for getting paid?

    Will they know at the Point of Entry that I am using my EAD?

    Many thanks for viewing and answering!


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  • sybersnake
    12-04 12:22 AM
    Im looking for a custom datagrid to be built.. within the next 24 hours.

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  • xZeRo23
    06-21 06:59 PM
    Dude.. in 10 mins I can make this:


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  • cool_cat
    10-01 01:03 PM
    My I485 application was received by TCS on july 2nd. I have not received my RN and my check is also not cashed yet.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    12-13 05:34 PM
    It'd be great to get some more IVians to express their opinions/ideas and vote on this thread:

    The idea being bounced around is whether IV should be made an organization funded by membership dues, and benefits provided to members only.

    The benefits:
    - Logistics: Members identified/verified, not anonymous
    - Communication: Improved one-to-one communication rather than hunting for information in forums. Perhaps even a newsletter updating you on what's going on, what's being planned, what are the activities.. and action items.
    - Funding: Sustainable funding for lobbying efforts, media relations, etc.
    - Live Nag-Free! No one asks you what you've contributed in every second post, you don't have to wear the ID tag of your contribution amount around your neck to prevent such questions
    - Community: Be part of a community with a national presence, with local chapters.
    - Legal advice: Get free legal advice in monthly/quarterly/periodic conf calls/webinars
    - Jobs: Job postings or referrals on IV members-only site
    - Business opportunities: Come together with other IV members to explore common business opportunities
    - Myriad other benefits that memberships in professional organizations come with, such as travel discounts for instance.

    The down-side:
    - We may lose about half of our "members"
    - Others???

    Voice your opinions, share your ideas, and vote FOR or AGAINST this proposal here... :




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  • saibaba
    12-01 12:38 PM
    I was checking the availabiltiy of dates for H1 stamping and came up with following question..

    Are you applying for the same class of visa which is currently valid or has expired within the past 12 months?*

    My wife came to USA on H4 and recentlly moved to H1.... We are planning to get her visa my Q is same class of Vsia means any H visa like H1,H4 falls under H class of Visa...


    they refering to H1 visa as one class and H4 visas under another class??

    Wld appreciate if someone can clarfiy this question for me...

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  • vvpandya
    05-12 08:44 AM
    Is anyone having an issue with logging into account at

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  • siravi
    10-17 07:32 PM
    NY members interested in the luncheon are most welcome

    Thank you!

    07-26 03:48 PM

    A consultancy firm applied for my H1b Visa this year (2009). USCIS has denied the visa showing the reasons like:
    1) My manager (CEO of the company) and the person I will work under (From the client company) is different.
    2) They questioned in same line about the place of my work.(office of the firm and the client).
    3) They have some points regarding wages of previously employed H1bs of the firm.

    There's no point however about my qualification and experience (I have a degree from IIT and work at India branch of one US multinational). The company says that they have a number of approvals this year and the particular decision depends on the officer at USCIS to a large extend. They can re-appeal addressing all the concerns mentioned by USCIS.

    How much are the chances are that a denial would be converted to approval. Is the USCIS going to be very strict and judgmental about the re-appeal of the denial?. May be it is hard to tell, by I greatly appreciate any help/suggestion...


    08-05 08:28 PM
    My wife recently returned from India and at port of entry, the officer incorrectly wrote the paroled until date as Jul 12, 2010 instead of Jul 12, 2011. The date is incorrect on both I-94 and AP.

    Will this create any issues and how can this be corrected? Her status is AOS pending, she doesn't have a EAD or H-visa

    My wife's AP is valid till Oct 12, 2010. I would appreciate any help

    Thanks a lot!

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