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tia mowry baby pics

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  • Ruth B
    08-14 01:30 PM
    "I would like to hear your professional opinion on the following issue: I have been on F-1 visa for 7 consecutive years. I have an employer that has sponsored me as a Graphic Designer. In fact I have obtained the I-140 through him already. I recently applied for employment AOS (July 25th) with my wife (She is on F2 visa) and I'm currently waiting on the Notice Receipt. School starts on August 20th and I'm hesitant on when exactly the new Immigrant Status starts. Do I still need to enroll for classes in order to maintain my visa? I don't intend to finish school due to financial difficulties, when exactly may I drop out from school? Should I remain enrolled up until I receive the EAD and AP? Thanks in advance for your response."

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  • chanduv23
    03-13 03:58 PM
    I have got my I 485 rejectd when i filed during AUG 2007 due to Improper fees but we paid the correct fees.We refiled with saying "Improper Denials of I-485 " and double packed saying byboss mail room. We tryied more than 5 times always we got back saying PD is not current. Please advice me how to proceed on this.

    Thanks for your help!!

    I think the mail room does not handle such mail. You may need to file an MTR. Contact a good attorney - I did read on Sheela Murthy's website that USCIS is improperly handling the July 17th to August 17th 2007 filing as they go by August 2007 fee schedule.

    I think if it is a mistake on their side, usually theey return the MTR fees. I am not sure though.

    Try contacting DHS Ombudsman's office and see how they can help.

    But the first thing I suggest is to talk to a good Attorney.

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  • Tia Mowry#39;s Baby Shower 5

  • GC_1000Watt
    03-05 10:29 PM
    I was reading this article Obama looking to give new life to immigration reform - Los Angeles Times ( and I found out about the Mar 21st immigration rally. Is anybody aware of it?
    Is IV aware of this rally?

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  • Morty
    07-06 03:55 PM
    Hi All,

    Q1) I would like to take a US consulate appointment for visitor's visa for my father. We are from southern Andhra Pradesh and Chennai consulate is convenient for us. Since Hyderabad has US consulate, does whole of Andhra come under HYD consulate jurisdiction? or can we take appointment in Chennai Consulate? Could you please let me know? My father is going for visa for the first time.

    Q2) If visitor passport is expiring in next eight months and if the visitor is residing in US, is it possible to renew the passport here? Or the person has to go back to India and renew the passport there. I would just like to help my parents with the paper work and get it done if possible when they are here.

    Your help is appreciated.


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  • cox
    October 18th, 2005, 11:26 PM
    I have a gig shooting silk flowers this weekend, and you have given me something to shoot for (no pun intended)!

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  • DyersEve
    10-01 12:12 AM
    i got an addition to my input request


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  • bostonqa
    06-14 09:05 AM
    ---I'm only talking in regards to FY-2007 in light of current development.---

    Now that everything is current there would not be any need to per country quota. CORRECT?
    Or since EB3 other is not current ("U") they cannot use AC21?

    they have hinted retrogression in Sept for China, India, etc

    Now if there is no per country quota, how can they retrogress EB for China, India, or any other country unless EB3 ROW is not current?

    So unless they retrogress ROW, logically they should not retrogress at least EB2 for India, China and other countries

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  • poarhc
    01-14 04:33 PM
    Here is my situation:

    1) GC process thru company A, I 140 approved,I 485 filed and had valid H1B (expired on 12/28/2009)
    2) Switched to Company B using AC21 and using EAD.
    3) I would like to file H1B also based on previuosly approved 140 thru Company B as a back up since my previous employer going to revoke my 140.

    Since my previous H1B expired few week back,is it posible to file new H1B thru Company B at this point?

    Please advise

    Thanks in advance for all your inputs


    tia mowry baby pics. Tia Mowry Now Expecting A Baby
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  • jzero
    04-22 04:59 PM
    30 viewers and no single comment..................

    Any idea of how eliminate such gap when we do not want spaces between images?

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  • nousername
    01-29 08:55 PM
    I would transfer to a visitor visa and then identify which university and course I want to join. Once I have all the things lined up I would hire a good attorney and file for a new F1.

    Good luck.

    i was on opt and my opt ended jan 24th 2009. i had applied to a masters program for spring 09. my old school ( where i did my bachelors) transfered my sevis information to my new school( where i was to start masters). however i decided to discontinue with my new school's masters program. i did not registered for classes. i told them that i would no longer want to pursue that particular masters anymore. i now want to join another institute for a short time. they require my sevis information in order to make an i20 for me. my new school( where i had applied for masters) says that they do not have an i20 for me since i cancelled my program. whichever institute i transfer to for future studies would require a copy of a current i20 from me for admissions.
    now where does this situation leave me? am i out of status as of now? will i be able to transfer to any university/institute for my future studies?


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  • pd_recapturing
    09-11 10:11 AM
    please suggest.

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  • abhay
    05-13 12:53 PM
    Thanks guys, June travel can be postponed a bit, I guess I am worried what if it takes 2 months for approval, I dont know, I think I will go ahead and apply.


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  • lecter
    January 24th, 2005, 04:16 AM
    Agree. Fill flash on Animal pictures is a big goal of mine in 2005. tanzania is my big target for this practice.

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  • Euinox
    05-20 01:10 PM
    I came to US in 2009 March (on H4 Visa) ,
    I filed my H1B in September 2009 with Company A and got approved October 2009. I search for projects 2 months; my employer was unable to place me. So he said he will revoke the H1B petition. After that due to family emergency I gone back to India and while re-entering I entered as H4. (As per I-94 Copy). That H1B never got used and I never got any pay stub from Company A.

    Now I am on H4 till date.

    I have found the project and the new employer (who is client say Company B) is ready to file my H1B application. Now as per the Company B�s Legal Team, they can�t get the approval before 1st October 2011 (or start date of H1B visa) and they have to fill this position by this month End. (Which is May or Mid June)

    Now I have inquired some other place and gone through different forums to get answer.
    Here is the query,
    If Company B files my H1B petition with attachment of existing I-797, will my petition get approved from the quota of 2009 (since I got visa with validity date as 1st Oct 2009 year)??

    What kind of H1B petition I need to file and when it will get approved?
    Will this be a fresh H1B petition or something different?
    Can I get approval immediately ( if I filed in Premium processing) so I can start working. Or does the petition will say as start date 1st October 2011?

    Please help me in this issue. I will really appreciate your help.

    Any document/ link which shares light to similar issue is really helpful for me.


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  • reachinus
    03-14 06:56 PM
    No it cannot be used as its already expired. You will need a new employer for filing a new h1.

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  • rs_nyuser
    12-12 10:26 AM
    I dont think that holds true. If you follow you'll see they have been approving cases even in December for 2003 when the PD has been retrogressed to 2002 for December.


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  • Student with no hopes
    01-20 09:06 AM
    What happens to the people who graduated from the institute and applied for gc on its basis?

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  • Krish797
    07-25 12:23 PM

    I got H1B visa approved and got I-797 last year for 3 years. Now, could you please advise me, what is the maximum time limit to get the H1B stamped in the passport from the date of issue of I-797.

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  • kirupa
    06-27 02:12 PM
    Hello sdouglas,
    That is a problem with Swift and not with your PC configuration. I'm not sure why it would freeze or lockup when importing files. My best advice would be for you to uninstall Swift 3D and re-install it again. The problem should usually be solved. If the problem appears, it could be an error external to that of Swift.

    Try re-installing your graphics card drivers if re-installing Swift does not solve the problem. If all else fails, try asking Electric Rain for help. It could be a bug =)

    04-19 09:30 AM
    Hi Aditya,

    This is my guess and it is not a calculation (like the experts do).

    Optimistic: EB2 India will be current in November 2006
    Pessimistic: EB2 India will slow down due to large number of cases during 2003-2005
    Realistic: I dono!

    Experts please fill in your thoughts.

    Guys i am new to the forum
    I know its a tough one to guess but

    any idea what could be
    Most Optimistic Outlook for Eb2
    Most pestimestic Outlook for Eb2
    Median Outlook for Eb2?

    08-06 03:18 PM
    Best way to tackle this would be to call customer care 1800 # and ask them abt this...
    Kindly also contribute towards the DC rally ....if u can.

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