Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • pappu
    01-22 03:33 PM
    A member just posted on his blog-

    This is creative and such ideas make the site lively in the new design. It will allow people get more than immigration and an experience of a community. Once we are a connected via various interests, discussions and features on the site, we will be able to better join hands together as a community on IV action items that is our focus.

    abcdgc, pls also post this in the IV cricket social networking group so that all cricket lover IV members can network with each other and also see latest scores, pictures and news.

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  • beautifulMind
    11-02 08:58 PM
    the Company is given guidelines by the lawyer and USCIS and they need to follow those guildeline. I am not interfering. I just want to know if what they did would satisfy the requirements of the PERM recrutiment process. Not sure why you gave me a red dot for this. The AD was posted by HR and I work for a very big university. All i wanted to know if it satisfy PERM requirments...

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  • waitin_toolong
    08-13 06:20 AM
    since your I-485 was filed with old fee you will have to file the appropriate fee with AP application as well as EAD each time you renew it.
    Everyone who was eligible to file under July bulleting will use that fee. $305

    From Faq2 published by USCIS.

    Q21: Will USCIS permit applicants who filed adjustment applications between July 2, 2007 – July 17, 2007, but who have not yet received a USCIS generated receipt notice, to file for Advance Parole and Employment Authorization based on proof of delivery of the I-485 application?
    A21. Yes.

    So you will need proof of delivery of I-485

    You ignore that part as it is not applicable to you. You either fill up part 6 or 7

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  • EAD
    10-31 04:51 PM
    We went for FP today and my wife had henna on her hands. I was concerned about it but it never was an issue. The FP went as if she had nothing on her hands instead the FP people pleasently talked abt henna.

    We went to the Atlanta office, the staff was pleasent, work flow streamlined and we were done in less than an hour although they looked and checked our hands almost four times for bandages and cuts.


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  • mach1343
    09-24 05:04 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    Please suggest me the best option as i am still undecided.

    My employer terminated my employment when I lost my job with the client company during 2nd week of June 2009. Before termination, my employer filed my GC and I have my EB2- 140 approved (PD- Feb 2007) and also My previous H1 extended last year 2008 and they have issued my visa for another 3 yrs (3rd term in H1). Since then I am without job and looking for an opportunity. But to be on safe side I left the country before the 30 days of my termination. I came back to US on H4 visa (so that I will be in-status and my GC won't get affected).

    Now i am getting an opportunity for a FT position with a company and now I am undecided what to do? If I took the FT with a new company and then my GC process will start from beginning (applyng labor and then once approved (don't know how long it will take to approve labor in EB2) I can then file for 140 porting my previous approved 140 -eb2 with PD Feb 2007) or Just wait until I find a contract job and go through my previous employer and continue my GC process from where it is left.

    Currently the PD for EB2-I is in 2005. So should I wait and go smoothly with my previous employer (but still we don't know how long it will take) or go with the FT.

    Please suggest me.

    i am badly need your advice.


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  • sreeanne
    03-07 04:15 PM
    Its not true,

    My daughter is 3years 5months old and she got FP notice and gave finger prints in Nov 2007. The only change for them is they will get FP Notice with Code 2[means they will take FP for only one hand] and we all get Code 3 FP notice.


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  • dazed
    07-19 07:57 AM
    I think you are perfectly fine even if you don't apply EAD/AP with I-485. The only caveat, to my knowledge is that you have to wait for I-485 receipt. (correct me if I'm wrong). But based on the number of filings expected, nobody knows when you will get a receipt. Also, I think the I-485s, though filed will still be processed by priority date. The EAD/AP applications will be FIFO. So the more you delay filing them, the more time it will take for USCIS to process your EAD/AP, especially considering the number of filings expected. Based on the processing time for the I-765, which is now more than 90 days and the fact that interim EADs are not issued anymore (see below from USCIS), it is going to interesting to see how USCIS handles this.

    Elimination of Interim EADs in Process (sometime in June 2006)

    Under current regulations and procedures, persons who apply for EADs can go to the local USCIS offices and obtain interim EADs if the original filing takes 90 days or more. This convenience is likely to be eliminated in the near future due to USCIS concerns over the potential fraudulent use of the interim EADs. The USCIS's view is that the manufacture of EADs should occur at the Service Center level, and the expectation placed on the Service Centers is that they will process the EAD applications and manufacture the EADs within the 90-day processing period.

    The USCIS acknowledged that there is a regulation in place providing for interim EADs, but note that this regulation may have to change. It seems that the antiquated machines for producing the interim EADs are going to be scrapped, eliminating the possibility of processing interim EADs at local offices, with or without the required regulatory change.

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  • gk_2000
    05-15 11:17 PM
    By chance, I was browsing the USCIS homepage when I came across guidelines for the change of address form. It says that not changing your address within 10 days is a criminal misdemeanor. Does anyone know when this law was passed?

    Could you provide the link where it said so? DANG! Some laws are created JUST to make criminals out of perfectly sane and peaceful people


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  • eb3retro
    07-18 10:37 PM
    this is just me, i would not go anywhere other than fidelity or vanguard..research more in the internet.

    i am switching employers and i have about 10k in my 401k with current employer. my next employer does not have the option to start 401k until after one year of service.i am looking for options to rollover my 401k to a IRA in a company. does anyone have any recommendations?thanks in advance

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-27 07:40 PM
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will celebrate the grand opening of its new field office and application support center in Bedford on Thursday, Sept. 2, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, naturalization ceremony and tours of the facility. USCIS Associate Regional Director Shelley Goodwin will preside during the naturalization ceremony and will administer the Oath of Allegiance to 25 citizenship candidates. She will be joined by USCIS� Boston District Director Denis Riordan and USCIS� Manchester Field Office Director Simon Abi Nader.

    Gov. John Lynch will join USCIS and delivering remarks for the special naturalization ceremony. Joining USCIS for the ribbon-cutting ceremony will be Bedford Town Manager Russell Marcoux, Mayor of Manchester Ted Gatsas and Glenn C. Rotondo, acting regional administrator of General Services Administration, New England region.

    The new office, at 9 Ridgewood Road, will provide a range of immigration services, including naturalization interviews, lawful permanent resident processing, fingerprinting and photographic services and is well-suited to serve the area�s immigrant community. The new facility replaces the former Manchester location on Canal Street. The new office is based on a national model for new USCIS office locations throughout the country.

    The new building is being dedicated to Sgt. Major Abraham Cohn, Civil War Medal of Honor recipient. Cohn was born in 1832 in Guttentag, an East Prussian town. He immigrated to the U.S. in the mid-19th century and fought for the Union during the Civil War serving with the 6th New Hampshire Infantry Volunteers. He was awarded the Medal of Honor �for conspicuous gallantry� in the Battle of the Wilderness (May 6, 1864) and �for bravery & coolness� at the Battle of the Crater (July 30, 1864).

    The 25 citizenship candidates originate from 13 countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, China, France, Iran, Kosovo, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Sudan, Thailand and United Kingdom. The ribbon cutting will take place at 11 a.m. with the naturalization ceremony to follow at 1 p.m.

    More... (


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  • biznuge
    06-22 04:20 PM
    Dude.. in 10 mins I can make this: (

    that's not cool man. lol

    check this out though. Microsoft made this in under 10 I think....

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  • vayumahesh
    03-12 12:28 PM
    Here you go ... (for INDIA and Most Other Countries)

    Cut Off Dates- Consulate General of the United States Mumbai, India (

    Immigrant Visas

    Cut-Off Dates for Immigrant Visas
    We are pleased to announce the April 2010 cut-off dates for immigrant visas for individuals born in India and those born in most other countries.

    To qualify for an appointment, an applicant's priority date (the date that the petition was filed) must fall before the cut-off date for the appropriate category.

    The following numbers are derived from the Department of State's Visa Bulletin. If you have additional questions about cut-off dates and your case is being processed at the U.S. Consulate General in Mumbai, please e-mail us or call us at +91-22-2363-7407 between 2 and 4 p.m. IST.

    Category India Most Other Countries
    F1 8 July 2004 8 July 2004
    FX 1 Jan 2005 1 Jan 2005
    F2A 1 June 2006 1 June 2006
    F2B 1 March 2002 1 March 2002
    F3 22 May 2001 22 May 2001
    F4 1 March 2000 1 March 2000
    E1 Current Current
    E2 1 February 2005 Current
    E3 8 September 2001 1 February 2003
    EW 1 June 2001 1 June 2001
    E4 Current Current
    E4-Religious Current Current


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  • good idea
    04-04 11:23 PM
    IF labor approves, do labor dept informs employer only or they also inform candidate?
    is it up to employer only to inform the candidate?


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  • GoldenChariot
    12-17 03:41 PM
    Thanks for the prompt reply.


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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    12-10 11:27 PM
    ...US GC or citizenship allows you visa waiver for visits to other countries but you need a work permit to work in another country.

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  • naveenpratapsingh
    02-01 10:38 AM
    No you do not need an airport transit visa if you are travelling via Germany by Lufthansa using ur AP. Until and unless you do not change terminals it should be fine and all lufthansa flight arrive/depart from same terminals.

    I just returned yesterday using my AP and I traveled via Munich.

    You will be asked for your AP at immigration in India as well as while transiting in Germany..


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  • Rolling_Flood
    08-26 08:59 PM
    Are there people who are current now, who have no Priority Date mentioned on the I-485, EAD and AP receipts? (i.e. the PD box is blank)

    The priority date is shown on my I-140 receipt, but not on the aforementioned documents.

    Does anyone know how to correct this problem? Thanks much.

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  • sideeque
    09-19 09:36 PM
    I applied in Dec 2009 and got approved in May 2010.

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  • guest_?
    08-15 05:19 PM
    Thanks to both of you!

    I just got back to the post to update it. Even I found through another source that is the new website for booking visa appointments at mexico consulates!

    What makes me wonder though is the fact that tijuana us consulate website and nvars website still point to the old website!?

    10-16 07:28 PM
    You can take FP test at any location in United States. Just make sure that you go to the nearest location at the time mentioned in the notice. I had an appointment at the Oakland office but I went to the San Jose office and they let me do the FP test there. I had gone to them the previous day to confirm whether I can take FP test at their office and that's when they told me that I can go to any office in US.

    12-15 01:47 PM
    It looks staged, the way camera moves to audience before they change their expressions, and captures the falling gum balls from the bottom of jars. Even the expressions or audience are so exaggerated.

    Also the numbers he is reporting might be cooked by himself with no proof or source provided where he took his numbers from.

    Despite that, the argument he is provinding, itself should be given to support more immigration.

    Population of all developed countries is in decline. So they are encouraging young people from other countries to support their economies. Now with so many baby boomers starting to retire, the working population of USA is not just stabilizing as he chose to say but going to decline. To support the US economy it needs young people to immigrate so that the baby boomers like himself can keep getting their social security checks in mail. So his argument is not persuasive enough to people who know better. But the problem is most people who don't know enough about immigration or economy can easily be brainwashed to become anti-immigration with this kind of pseudologic hogwash.

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