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  • bp333
    09-26 10:06 AM
    Hello, my application was filed on July 11 and reached USCIS on 12 th (TSC). Speaking to an officer at USCIS I found that my application has been rejected on Sep 11, 2007 due to missing filing fee. He said, I can try re-filing my case with that letter they sent, a letter explaining the situation (guess an apology letter from our end) and a new check. But, he did mention honoring the application would be at the discretion of the immigration officer.

    I still haven't received the rejection letter yet. Has anyone been through a similar situation. If so, can you please tell me if they would honor my re-filing ? Please let me know your thoughts.

    Sorry for the duplicate posting. Looking for options, and any similar experiences..

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  • dan19
    10-25 05:04 PM
    Recently my friend filed..It took 25 days

    my wife is moving to another employer. they filed her h1b transfer 2 weeks back. does anyone have an estimate on when she should get here receipt???

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  • jackiesteward
    02-05 11:42 PM
    Hello everyone,

    I am in a very bad condition n would appreciate anyone who can advice me on same. I had been out of status for about 1 yr n 2 months following my denial of I 140 n expiration of H1b, n currently residing in US. Now i have a new approval for H1b from USCIS, a month back. I was instructed by my employer to go back to my native country n get approval from from the consulate n re enter US. My lawyer instructed that i will be barred at the consulate or at the airport due to the history of over stay in US upon re-entering . Is there any one who have heard experinces of this kind ever? plz share your knowledge... thanks

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  • redford
    12-03 10:38 AM


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  • h1b_forever
    03-03 01:51 PM
    USCIS Abandons Current Policy of Requirement for Approval of I-485 Cases Pending in Excess of 180 Days from FBI Name Check Request

    Adjudicators must obtain definitive FBI fingerprint check and the IBIS check and resolution before they can approve I-485, I-601, I-687, and I-698 applications

    For the full text of the February 9, 2009 memorandum,
    click here (http://www.uscis.gov/files/nativedocuments/national-security-adjudication-reporting-020909.pdf)

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  • h1b_forever
    03-03 08:56 AM
    I am trying to network with people in Detroit area. I am currently on EAD/H1 and looking to switch jobs and wanted to see if there are people who can provide job leads/contacts


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  • lskreddy
    01-28 11:17 PM
    have u seen the legal immigration/ foriegn workers issue address by Bush today. althou he spoke just 1-2 sentences. stating that ' legal immigration system needs to be fixed, so that foriegn workers are in no harm

    Bush did not mention a single word about legal immigration. He was referring to foreign (limit/read that as Mexican) workers and putting in place programs to stem the flow of additional undocumented ones. He spoke just over a minute and there was not a bit to be gleeful about for legal immigrants.

    have really started


    These tough times for folks like me have been there for the past several years. Now, I am hoping the letters campaign does make an impact and get the much required good will.

    As a side note, seems like the writers have sort of given up already on his last year of his presidency as the entire speech was rather mundane. In a troubled time for the entire country with the economy down, house market bust, recession looming, he chose to highlight the past and glorify to garner legacy.

    Will it be a year of inaction? I hope not, lets us do our bit by supporting efforts of IV.

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  • GCwaitforever
    11-12 02:53 PM
    Send your petition to USCIS Ombudsman. This is a classic case of USCIS incompetence. They have all the documents and yet they pester you to provide the details.


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  • waitin_toolong
    09-19 08:38 AM
    at port of entry the old I-94 has no bearing, keep cpies of all old I-94s and hand them over when departing.

    You will have to get a new H4 stamped at the consulate and will get a new I-94 when you enter.

    You can present the courtsey copy but the main documents ae going to be your husbands H1 papers as were last time.

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  • vsoni
    03-08 02:18 PM
    Thanks K94, I am not French citizen.


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  • cooltypes
    04-13 02:37 PM
    Thanks for your reply xtronics

    She has MS degree from US university (MBBS in India)...but would that matter for dependent H4 visa stamp

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  • amitjoey
    04-26 03:59 PM
    Not a lawyer- but my guess is that the date of validity on your H1b (First H1) is the day you can start counting your 6 years. This is regardless of when you started working for your employer.

    Example: Employer sponsored H1 for Mr.X on April 2nd 2005. H1 approved with validiity starting 1st oct 2005. Mr. X flew to the USA in december 2005. Started working 15th jan 2006. The 6 years are counted from 1st Oct 05.

    Now one can recapture all the months that the employee was on vacation. But I am not sure if this is still an option.


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  • lecter
    May 24th, 2004, 09:21 AM
    nice job!!

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  • BlueSoft
    01-20 07:31 PM
    Company A can not by law press any charges for the filing fees of H1B petition but they might go after you to pay for other costs in case you have agreed to pay for attorney fees.


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  • ski_dude12
    08-14 06:12 PM
    Yeah. Same here. Very disappointing to see 2006 cases being approved immediately after dates got current instead of the 2004/2005 cases.

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  • Sammo
    04-23 05:29 AM
    Thanks a lot MTSoul and λ :) Much appreciated.


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  • indygc
    10-09 10:54 AM

    My attorney had filed our 485 at Nebraska SC on July 30th. She didnt file EAD & AP.
    On August 10th I myself filed EAD & AP at Nebraska SC. I got receipts for AP. For EAD, they have sent back our docs saying that 765 has been filed with improper fee (guy who picked the file is not aware of July VB fee valid till Aug 17th). So I have sent back the documents with a cover letter stating we come under July VB, after a week they sent back the packet again with same reason to file with proper fee of $340. I dont want to waste time and energy.. so this time I have sent $340 and after a week on Oct1 we got receipts for EAD.

    Mean while I called USCIS to check the status of my 485 and luckily got the receipts numbers from them. The file has been transferred to Texas.

    My questions are:
    1.The received date on the EAD receipt is stated as September 27th. But the very 1st time we filed was August 10th. So would they treat our file as that filed on August 10th or Sep 27th???
    2.My EAD & AP are at Nebraska and 485 is at Texas..would that cause any delays..concerns?

    Anyone been thru such experience. Please throw some light.

    Thanks in Advance

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  • Prashanthi
    05-28 03:15 PM
    Yes thats what it means

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  • gskumar
    05-06 04:31 PM
    Hi guys,

    My H1-B visa is approved lastyear (Jan 2007).and I came to US on Mar 2007.
    In my H1-B visa the DOB is wrongly entered.In my passport the DOB is correct.I havent checked this and i m in US now.When i went to Driving office to apply for my drivers license they asked me to correct the DOB in my VISA.
    Can anyone helpme out how to change correct my DOB in my H1-VISA.

    Whats the procedure to change my DOB in my Visa.

    Any help is appericiated.
    Thanks in advance

    03-14 06:56 PM
    No it cannot be used as its already expired. You will need a new employer for filing a new h1.

    12-11 03:22 PM

    you got to be kidding.

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