Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • Pasquale
    04-01 01:07 AM
    You guys are funny......... in bed.

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  • gxr
    09-07 01:19 PM
    RD of Labor is what I have heard so far.

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  • Roger Binny
    06-06 04:29 PM

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  • korient
    11-15 10:11 PM
    I understand the 180 days rule after filing 485. what if the eb3(140 approved) based 485 has been pending for 180 days, and a newly approved eb2 140 has just been ported to the pending 485.

    Is there a rule that the 180 days started over again after porting, since it's a new 140, which implys the applicant intends to work for the 140 position for a period of time.

    What are the risks if the applicant changes the job right after eb2 140 gets approved, and changed the underlining 140 of the pending 485 from eb3 to the newly approved eb2.

    Any comments are really appriciated.



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  • shreekhand
    06-12 11:47 AM
    Absolutely no problem. (assuming you visit is not very long - greater than six months and your GC gets approved as soon as you leave).

    You can return using your AP as some suggest. Be mindful not to show any non-immigrant visa ( H1, L1, B1 etc.) as that might be construed as abandoning LPR status. If you do not have a GC, some have been given deferred inspection (to prove your status in a local USCIS office at a later date). Another option is for someone to collect your GC and mail it with a reliable service abroad (FedEX etc.) - in anticipation of some disagreement, this is perfectly legal - it is not a passport and is a entry document not a departure doc.

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  • theshiningsun
    05-28 09:47 PM
    thx aruben.

    so it looks like the only way out for a prospective indian investor would be to start his enterprise outside usa, get employed in it for 1+ yr, then enter the usa on L1 and apply for GC under EB-5 category?


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    02-06 08:34 AM
    It looks as though they have updated their page. Previously they were suggesting people apply 180 days in advance.

    You are right a month ago it used to say 180 days as I have a print out and now it say's 120 days...since we are dealing with notorious USCIS who are very popular of doing such silent updates and there won't be any track of updated time stamp or date stamp anywhere on this website...(which is another useless page) I guess they do it on purpose and not sure if you remember recently how they changed dates for NSC & TSC for 140 processing dates etc....

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  • MetteBB
    05-11 02:36 AM
    Titles are completely unreadable.
    Well all they say is Danmark... a country. Its not really the most important thing... but ok. I will try and change them


    However it would also be nice to get some comments on the stamps themselves...


    Oh bugger... I see that I flattened the layers so I cant even go in and edit the stamps now. Ah well it was fun doing them (even if no one likes them)


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  • birdwing
    10-11 11:34 PM
    i don't care anyway :lol:

    Kirupa looks good as a priest :beer:

    one day I'll understand these references.

    until then I'll admit to being a complete and udder Nooooooob :trout:

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  • pnagar
    12-05 08:35 PM
    Guys, my details are:

    PD Apr'07 EB2
    I-140 Filed May'07, pending
    I-485 Filed Jul'07

    Please help me with:

    1) Assuming 140 is approved before changing the current job under AC21, what are the things the new firm has to file. Does the new firm have to file 140 again? I presume that labor and 485 stays intact..pl help folks.

    2) I will complete 6 mths of 485 filing in Jan-08. If 140 gets approved around Jan-Feb'08, is there any risk if I change my employer after that under Ac21. Does it hurt if the present firm withdraws 140 after approval?

    Sincere thanks in advance.



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  • amdn123
    07-07 02:56 PM
    It was just an innocent question for a friend. You guys give out red dots for asking questions???

    gcformeornot: don't appreciate your judgment.

    designserve: thanks.

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  • ddeka
    03-21 01:21 PM

    Please let me know if you know any good Immigration Lawyer in Boston area.

    Also can someone please let me know if I can work as a W2 Consultant to any company using EAD?

    Appreciate your help.



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  • nixstor
    03-27 03:13 PM
    You would send the needed paperwork and she will appear for her visa. You wouldnt need to be along with her unless you are already out of US and has a expired visa.

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  • gc_dreamer_485
    10-24 09:17 AM
    Does anybody here got a rejection becuase of the incorrect filling fee?
    If so can you share the message on the lette which was received along with the rejected application.
    I have received a rejection letter for my spouse with the following message in it.
    "The above application or petition, along with any check or other form of fee payment, is attached. The application or petition cannot be accepted because the proper fee of $1010.00 U.S is not attached. Since the case is not properly filed, a priority or processing date cannot be assigned.

    Please attach a check or money order for this amount and resubmit this entire package to the address listed below. To speed processing, please leave this notice on top."

    Can anyone confirm with me if they got the same message for incorrect filing fee? The message is very ambigious if the filling was incorrect or they did not find the filing fee attached with the application.

    Please reply to this posting with the message they received for rejection of their application or if anybody has any information on this.



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  • huchinango
    04-02 12:33 PM
    Hello --
    Do any of you know what the A# is on the I-485 / I-130 / I-765 etc is for people who have previously held an F-1 / OPT-related A#? I have seen previous forums stating that OPT A#s begin with a "1" which connotes an OPT status; however I am not clear whether we are supposed to use that same A# on our I-485 and other GC-related documents, or leave that space blank.

    Sorry this is redundant but previous posts don't seem to clarify a definitive answer to this question. Many thanks in advance.


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  • ras
    11-16 10:37 AM
    This appears to be more relavant given the need for rejuvenating the state chapters. Why not we have this as simple links on the main page itself and make it damn easy to join the chapter. The most important thing to do is to have the members join the chapters and have the contact numbers. Once these are there the IV state chapters could follow up and get the activities rolling with these members.

    Bottom line: Have the state chapter joining links on the main page and have it simplified for the members to join very easily ( kind of taking the name, contact number and email and nothing more) later the chapter core could get in touch with them and get the complete profile. A kind of marketing gimmick.


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  • bigboy007
    12-23 11:26 AM
    Does any one tried accessing USCIS case status online webpage while doing so it replied back to me saying "403 Forbidden" generally for any blocked IP's i emailed USCIS webmaster requesting why it was so as i could see my case status online a day back. Any one in same shoes? I am not worried and i feel there is no reason to get worried as most of security issues are due to false positives. IF any one in the same shoes lemme know your views.

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  • augustus
    09-12 03:28 PM
    MSNBC had a news piece on surprise illegal immigrants and looks like they are from India. I was surprised at a shocking 125,000 people have over stayed their visas and have become Illegal. I was worried if such news articles will reflect on our integrity and our image as knowledge workers.

    Just a thought....

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  • sledge_hammer
    07-01 03:30 PM
    What to do, what to do!!! :D

    Btw, why didn't you take the poll? :)

    Sledge hammer nobody is interested in the poll it seems ;)

    07-09 10:40 PM
    It will be subjective of the examining officer...he could choose to deny the 140, issue an RFE or may even just ignore it...

    I understand is a grey area but i was wondering if anybody here had some issues like that. Hopefuly, whatever he does is not going to be denying it...

    07-27 08:05 PM
    Thanks Ramba. But do you think it is going to trigger an audit since we already filed the application with "No".

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