Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Queen Josephine
    May 6th, 2005, 11:50 PM
    Queen, it's good to know you're still receiving treatment for your condition. ;)

    :D Well, they can't stop treatment until there's some improvement!

    Blood camp for Soldiers [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Blood camp for Soldiers

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  • thesparky007
    04-01 12:31 AM
    lol knew it!
    last year's was wayyyyyyyyyy better........

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  • tnite
    08-09 10:50 PM
    My Lawyer said that the Premium Processing for I-140 will be again available from 08/16/2007, he said he knows that 100%. Did someone have some information about this ??. Can this be true??

    If this is true then some of the concurrent filers will try to upgrade them to PP.I will be surprised if they do that. But crazier things have happened.

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  • satishg
    09-16 08:35 PM
    In september my dates became current and my GC and my spouse GC has been approved . However my lawyer recieved interview notices for me and my wife. What should be the next step. Ignore the notices as we recieved the Green card or do we need to attend the interview.


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  • indianabacklog
    11-12 02:20 PM
    Hi all,

    What docs are required for re-entry of spouse on H4 visa. The primary applicant on H1 is not travelling.

    1. Copy of I-797 of H1 visa holder.
    2. Passport copy of H1 visa holder.
    3. Recent pay stubs of H1 visa holder.
    3. Marriage Certificate.

    Am I missing something.


    Not sure you need any of 2, 3 or 4. However, it is very helpful to have a letter from the H1 employer saying that you are still employed by your company or whatever you work for and your spouse is currently on an H4 dependents visa.

    My husband has found this has been adequate on many occasions.

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    07-15 12:00 PM
    Someone else recently got his GC approved even though his PD isn't current yet, and now categories are being mysteriously promoted. These are trying times indeed :rolleyes:


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  • waitingnwaiting
    02-10 01:21 PM
    naukri dot com

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  • uma001
    02-04 07:57 PM
    Dont worry too much. Get your H1 extension with current employer even if it s a consultancy firm when you are on project. It wont be deied.


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  • pointlesswait
    10-07 04:38 PM
    to port ur PD u shoudl have ur 140 approved from the first filing!
    You can port PD only by sending in the previous approved 140 with the new 140 and request for interfiling!

    gurus will correct me if i am wrong!

    First time I applied Labor Certification (LC) in 2004(pending, not approved or denied) and second time I applied on PERM without porting the first Labor application date with same company, same catagory(EB3) and same job description which approved with PD Feb 2006. I applied 485 on july last year when all PD were current.

    Question: Can I port my PD from the first Labor application date now.

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  • Jean123
    01-14 02:21 PM
    A friend of mine is a citizen from a non Visa-waiver country, married to an American. They've been married for two years and she is expected to receive her green card in a few months at the embassy of her country of origin where she still lives. Because of abuse issues, she wants to separate asap but is afraid he might retaliate by trying to prevent her from receiving her green card. Is that possible, or should she wait until she has the Green Card in her hands? Thanks!


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  • java4yogi
    10-10 01:19 PM
    good catch there !

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  • pappu
    11-01 08:02 AM

    My labour got approved but we still have to file for I-140. My h1b is going to expire on May 2007.

    Can I get H1b extension based on Labour approval? If not, is it necessary to file I-140 soon.

    Thanks in-advance for any update.
    yes, if your labor was filed more than a year ago you can get an extension. However I would advice you to first only file 140. get it approved. these days it is fast. and then apply for h1b extension in january. you will be able to get 3 yr extn instead of 1 year. it will save you much extension headaches and legal fees.hope this helps.


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  • cokeraj
    08-14 08:04 PM
    I was just wondering if they stall the 485 processing once they issue an RFE on EAD. Would they hold the case in abeyance or are these two mutually exclusive.
    Btw, am not sure of the reason for RFE yet.

    Has anyone had their 485 approved with an RFE pending on EAD or AP?

    PD: June 2004
    I140 Approved: Aug 2006
    485 RD: July 26, 2007
    RFE on EAD: Aug 6, 2008

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  • ksairi
    08-15 11:21 AM
    I do not have receipt yet.


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  • jerrygreat
    11-25 09:09 PM
    Hello, All buddies:

    My case is a little special:
    After my wife (H-1B) filed I-140/I-485, I got EAD in Dec 2006, and I (H4)started to work by using EAD from Jan 2, 2007. On May 10, 2007, we received I-140/I485 denial letter. we filed a reopen and reconsideration for I-140 denial. I was still using that EAD for work (it is vaild from Dec 2006-Dec 2007) during that time. In November 27. 2007, I changed my visa from H4=>H1.(I was not being asked by USCIS to go aborad for re-stamping H1, anyway it is approved). The USCIS denied our Reopen and Reconsideration for I-140 again later in March 2008.

    Now the comany sponsor me to apply for EB2 green card.

    Usaually, when using EAD, your status is AOS, and when I-140/I485 denied,
    you lose your status. In my case, from May 10-Nov 27, I maybe already lose
    my status. however, H4=>H1 is OK without any problem.

    My question
    I worried that in the future, in the stage of waiting for I-485 approval, does USCIS can find out that I have the above problem between May 10-Nov 27, (it is over 180 days)?!
    --However, during that period, I have a I-140 reopen and reconsideration case pending?--does this mean legally staying in US? (even it denied again later)
    If this is a problem, do I had better go home country/re-entry US once to clean these mess?
    However, I am over 180 days, is that possible that I can not come back?

    Thank you very much in advance.


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  • Berkeleybee
    04-12 11:04 PM

    gc_check are you paying attention? :) That is already linked there.


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  • gaz
    11-10 02:26 PM
    This may have been posted here elsewhere - what do you think of the legislative timeline Ron Gotcher has described?

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  • sunny1000
    02-21 10:57 PM
    I know that PERM labor gets expired if one does not file I-140 within 180 days of labor's approval date.
    I am wondering if DOL has any procedure to revive expired approved/unused PERM by filing some sort of request/appeal or by paying some sort of fees etc. or if not ,then one files a new PERM by referring the old unused approved labor for the same job and same person then DOL can give an expedited approval.

    They give 180 days to file...what stops the person from filing for the I-140 within the 180 day window in the first place? Are you talking about labor substitution? If so, they got rid of it because of extensive abuses and so, don't count on it.

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  • thomachan72
    11-01 02:29 PM
    A chart from Reason Magazine that says it all:

    More... (

    Pretty depressing but very true indeed:o:o:o

    03-25 11:35 AM

    I recently received an approved I-290b on my 140. Does anyone know how long does is take for the 485 to be approved?


    02-23 01:54 PM
    If the position you are being sponsored is 50% or more different than the position under which you have gained your experience, then experience gained in the same company can be counted. Your attorney somehow has to show that the postion you have now is more than 50% different (duties etc) than the new one. This is a tricky one and you would need a GOOOOOOD attorney to do that.


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