Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • dextertangocci
    Aug 14, 11:34 AM

    THEY ARE THE BEST ADS EVER!!!!:cool: :D :D :D :D :cool:

    I love the way they make windoze peecees seem like useless boxes, that just take up space in your house, and are only good for paperweights (which is very true:D )

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  • tCruzin4lyfe
    Mar 28, 09:11 AM
    I'm ready for anything, just can't wait to see what the next iPhone will look like (same or bigger screen) and I want to see the iOS 5, should be some big improvements. Can't wait for a sneak peak.

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  • ghostlyorb
    Mar 28, 08:39 AM
    I wish I could go! But I'll love the keynote.. and the live updates from macrumors and engadget!

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  • brucem91
    May 29, 12:14 AM
    You could get a beta key by pre-ordering the game at Game Stop. Although at this point I would confirm before doing it since the Beta won't be lasting too much longer. When I log in it says something about it expiring June 21st. So maybe they aren't giving keys anymore. If you did it in-store it printed on your receipt. Online they were supposed to e-mail it to you within a day.From what I understand they stopped giving out keys on the 17th of May.


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  • Eraserhead
    Apr 9, 04:00 AM
    Source for the quote?

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  • Demon Hunter
    Apr 3, 03:10 AM
    Word is far more productive for most people IMO because Pages just isn't a word processor. I haven't used Pages all that much and I don't own it so I suppose I can't really complain about it too much but when I have dabbled with it, it's come across as a little over-simplified. It might just be because I'm used to Office apps which are admittedly pretty bloated but nevertheless, Pages just gives the impression of being underdone and kind of useless for most people.

    I fail to see how it "just isn't a word processor?" I'm fairly amazed at the amount of negative responses this program has received, especially after Apple set the example with Keynote 1 and the glorious reception of version 2.

    Pages is a godsend for me. I'm not sure what you people are smoking but writing is not about buttons, formatting, and margins. At the heart of writing is simplicity, I believe, and it seems a lot of people become troubled and even distraught at the apparent lack of "function." Sounds a lot like the first impressions PC users get of Macs...

    Writing is a craft like art. You don't hear graphic artists complain about their palettes! I'll never understand why people want toolbars; confusing, myopic icons that march on in an endless, tyrannical parade across your screen. I despise nothing more than looking for what I'm trying to do in Word. Is it hidden behind this arrow? Maybe if I right-click? Alas.

    Perhaps, then, Pages is for a different kind of writer. I write a lot of poetry and fiction, personally, and the less distraction I have on my screen the better. There are times I simply cannot interact with Word on a creative level, unless I close every window and button... so I might as well be using TextEdit.

    I also fail to see how Word on the Mac is any different, or better, than Word on the PC. It looks prettier and has the same ****** GUI. What of it?

    Word's only saving grace is its AutoSave if you ask me.


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  • PBGPowerbook
    Jun 10, 01:22 PM
    Everyone should've stopped reading at "Shaw Wu."

    He is the shining example of the inanity, irrelevance, and irresponsibility of "tech analysts." It's tough not to be sour grapes when you think about how much these people must get paid...

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  • Mr Bigs
    Feb 19, 09:00 AM
    Obama (and the Chinese Premier) had a high profile meeting with Balmer only last month (

    Why was Steve Jobs snubbed? ;)Their is no way in Hell our government is gonna switch over to OSX so that is your answer.;)


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  • rasmasyean
    May 4, 12:33 AM
    Is that the same thin flexible OLED technology Sony was demonstrating at Consumer shows a year before (

    The consumer market contains much more powerful development forces than defence procurement.

    Waging wars in order to further technology is a very poor justification for killing lots of people and squandering billions in cash.

    How do you know that that Sony prototype didn't come about as a result from work at UDC (funded by DARPA)?

    Consumer forces made flight widespread. Military forces make flight feasible. Hitler's minions didn't invent the jet engine and solid booster to deliver packages and orbit weather sensors. Intercontental flight was made widespread after we decided to work on carring warheads across the ocean vs ppl. In 1940's who woulda funded a massive manhatten project to see if we can make it heat up some water...theoretically. The need for computer networks to survive a nuclear war now enable's us to read eachother's posts and take advantage of the consumerism on top of this web page.

    Many technological advancements are so costly and far-fetched that no reasonable "business" would risk investing a lot of money in it. That's when paranoid governments pick up the tab. I don't think you understand that it's real easy to spend $499 on an iPod with tons of "Apps" on it and say...oh yah, this is like real easy to make because Chinese ppl take 50 cents worth of material and put it together. But before all this was possible, some of the smallest components in that iPhone and the most basic of all "Apps" took a "visionary" with a massivly risky budget to make one blink on some $5 million vaccuum box for the first time in history!

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  • Misplaced Mage
    Jun 22, 01:07 AM
    Are people overestimating Apple's motives? Could it perhaps not be a masterplan but just that the new motherboard, etc they are using just happens to have this component so it's been included? That could explain why it's hidden around the back. If being placed on the back is deliberate it could just be for aesthetics sake as ports on the front will look messy.

    Entirely possible. If you look at this picture of the new Mini's logic board ( from iFixIt's teardown, it looks like the logic board is just wide enough at the front (right side of the board) of the housing to have accommodated the SD card slot. But it looks like it would have been at the expense of either growing the housing so an inserted card sat flush with it, or having the card stick out significantly (and asymmetrically) from the rounded corner.

    I really don't get why people who come up with specs don't think ahead. When SD came out it has a 2GB limit. So they updated it, SDHC for a 32GB limit. Now they had to update it again, SDXC for a 2TB limit. They should have just designed the format to scale in the FIRST place.

    For example: CompactFlash came out in like 1994 and has scaled all the way up to like 137GB, when the first cards were under 1MB.

    Fair point. It could have been a cost-driven design decision to keep the cost of the driver silicon down, similar to those that drove the design of the original USB 1.0 specification.

    With regard to booting:
    I think a lot of people in here are also looking over the fact that the card reader is on the USB bus. Meaning the speeds you'd be limited to would be that of USB 2.0. Internal 5400rpm boot drive would still be faster.

    The card reader doesn't show up on the Mini's USB device tree in System Profiler, hence is not a USB device. The USB device tree lists every device that is currently enumerated on the bus.

    I believe its part of the ethernet controller chip.

    Correct. Looking at the BCM57765 block diagram, the SD card data is accessed via the PCI Express bus. The SMBus is several orders of magnitude too slow to handle 2.5GT/s, and is likely used for controlling the driver IC.


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  • smugDrew
    Apr 20, 06:13 PM
    As soon as Sandybridge based MBA's arrive, I'm buying.

    Don't want an outdated C2D and Nv's video chipset, I've seen the HD3000 in action and it's very good. Does everything I want and much more.

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  • Howardchief
    Apr 5, 05:07 PM
    Exacly what a friend of mine said when he got his new macbook and found out he needed to buy new adapters since in the 3 years they removed many (such as the analogue audio ports)

    I don't understand this. Could you or someone explain this to me please?


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  • josephebacon
    Apr 3, 11:03 AM
    But it doesn't. :mad:

    I've repeatedly tried to log in to use it and the Time Warner application tells me my password is invalid. Several contacts with customer service failed to resolve the password problem. :mad:

    So i deleted it and I'll just keep using Netflix which DOES work :D

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  • alakazzam
    Oct 6, 10:19 AM
    4" screen in 16:9 format would be nice. I don't find 3.5" too big.

    This would indeed be a welcomed improvement however I highly doubt that there's much truth to these claims.


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  • Blue Velvet
    Oct 27, 06:11 PM
    Hope some of you guys will make it to the annual Macrumors London Picnic, usually in July or so. :)

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  • Object-X
    Nov 21, 04:57 PM
    Does this mean we might actually see a 3GHz G5 Powerbook? :rolleyes:


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  • kdarling
    Feb 24, 09:28 AM
    Technology should help us.

    Imagine if all smartphones had either a multi-user selector, or at the least a "child" mode that was easy to turn on.

    Even if you're not a parent, many people have lent their smartphone to a niece or nephew, little brother or sister, to entertain them while on the road or at a restaurant. Heck, I keep one app folder just for my grandkids who are 2 or 3 years old.

    Then you and they get frustrated because they hit a Home or Menu key, and you have to get them back into the app they were using.

    It'd be great if we could quickly set a kid mode that locks them into a certain app or folder. For that matter, it'd be handy for when you loan your phone to a friend, spouse or boss :)

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  • Giaguara
    Sep 17, 03:47 AM
    Be (the positive side of) yourself and just try.

    I'm really bad in advising for pickup lines etc so just say something nice to start with. ;)

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  • CaoCao
    Apr 6, 12:44 AM
    I support increasing gas tax 1�/month

    Nov 22, 08:39 PM
    The problem isn't wasteful spending of money. The problem is that Earth does not have enough water to support 7 billion human mouths.
    LMAO, is this a joke?? Has to be the dumbest thing I've read this month by a supposed adult.

    Apr 27, 09:53 PM
    After listening to the sound bite of Trump asking for both Obama's birth certificate and college records, he strikes me as a political opportunist grasping for straws or he is a raciest.Trump's wet dream is on election night be able to say to Obama, "you're fired".

    Feb 28, 05:27 PM
    Starfox 3DS - woo hoo!

    $249 for a handheld? :eek:


    Apr 5, 07:58 AM
    This is so on the money.

    I was just having lunch while watching a film on my iPad. Next table over a table of business people are showing off one of their new iPads. People respond so positively to the experience on so many levels it really has something for nearly everyone.

    The important thing that apple got was that making great computers for 2% of the population, or smaller, was one thing. Making a great piece of hardware for 95% of the world something else entirely and much more lucrative.

    Just Jake
    Sep 2, 07:55 PM
    I've had my aging 17" 1 ghz powerbook for a long time now. Left audio stopped working about one and a half years ago, or that is when I noticed it. I wasn't prudent enough to have an extended applecare plan, and left sound didn't really matter, so I never took my powerbook in.

    After the recent Leopard update, my Powerbook has once again been outputting stereo sound!:D I noticed it while watching the new Mac ads.

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