Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • edifyingGerbil
    May 6, 06:46 PM
    Off the top of my head:

    -Lack of Education
    -Resentment (Much of It Deserved) towards Western Nations
    -Religious Fanaticism (which generally correlates with a lack of education)

    Lack of education and poverty don't cause terrorism, at least in the case of Islamic terrorists:

    No, jihad is one of the central tenets of islam; Allah's religion must be made supreme on the planet. Hence why Osama and others are referred to by muslims as mujahideen, holy warriors, as opposed to terrorists.

    The qur'an (numerous times) tells muslims to strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers, muhammad said he was made victorious through terror.

    So, islamic terrorism will still go on until the entire earth is made islamic. These are facts, alas.

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  • lowonthe456
    Aug 19, 11:27 AM
    I like the pull down to refresh...thats cool...Places doesnt work in my region either (Arizona USA)

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 11, 08:07 PM
    .. stuff ..

    I under stand what you are driving at, but the U.S. auto industry seems determined to "persuade" the American consumer to follow the guide-lines that THEY prescribe.

    If this continues, your only recourse is to pass on buying Big Three offerings, and trust your future to off-shore manufacturers.

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  • lordonuthin
    Apr 24, 05:23 PM
    yeah, lately there haven't been enough wu's to go around but if you set the -advmethod flag you may get something. or not :p


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  • martynmc7
    Mar 19, 07:31 PM
    It's a companion device

    Personally I would have found it very handy during my studying years, purely due to the form factor and diary/ notepad functions.

    Not to mention textbooks! If could have all my textbooks and journal articles collated on one device where I could easily read them reclined and at my leisure I would be incredibly grateful! Not to mention the device's usefulness as a presenting tool, much nicer than lugging a laptop around.

    For any individual in academia I would imagine those would be three huge selling points.

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  • pyramid6
    Oct 9, 04:15 PM
    I bought a season of a TV show on iTunes for $25 or so. I saw the same season at Walmart for $45 or so. I'm just sayin'.


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  • hendrik84
    Apr 13, 08:36 AM
    My wife's Macbook is criminally slow and I'm gonna remove some unused programs but I don't know how to do that. Is there no add/remove applications option like the one in Windows?

    The MB is so super slow that it's taking quite a while just to open folders so I don't really have the time nor patience to search myself. Thought it would be best to ask you guys.

    Please help! Also advices on how to speed up a Mac without hardware installation are most welcome!


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  • Mike Teezie
    Nov 28, 10:53 AM
    Is it possible to find out what company is hosting a website?

    My family's business website was built years ago, and then neglected. They still own the domain, and the site is still up.

    They want to rebuild the site now, but after two office moves, can't find any of the records of who is hosting the thing.

    Is there any way to find out?

    Here is the site, if it helps:

    link (


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  • psycoswimmer
    Oct 9, 04:22 PM
    Wow. Can't everyone leave Apple alone. ;)

    Currently, online movie downloads have no what near the popularity as going out and buying a real DVD has. Greedy Target and Wal-mart. Don't the movie studios see that Target and Wal-mart and other retail stores will still sell DVDs, or they will take a loss?

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  • talmy
    Feb 28, 09:45 AM
    Single source hardware is an asset to server reliability, not a detriment. Compare linux uptimes to AIX, Solaris, or HPUX, and there's no contest. Having 1 company on the hook for everything helps make things run way more smoothly. The trend towards linux in the data center is a detriment that mirrors wall street, with short term costs overruling long term benefit.

    As they used to say, "nobody has ever been fired for buying IBM." I think its safer to buy from a company that has a name and decent reputation in the server business is safer than Apple who has a recent history of pulling out of the business and never offered the variety of hardware and services of any of the major players. Even ignoring the high end players, I'd say that, for instance, a Dell server with Red Hat Linux would be a safer investment than who knows what from Apple these days. Ignoring the small choices available for Apple servers today, what happens if they discontinue the Mac Pro altogether? What if Lion Server is "defeatured" to make it easier for home server setups?


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  • hans-martijn
    Mar 4, 05:15 AM
    Does push-mail actually work this time? In SLS it is supported, but not with an iPhone. iPhone push thus far only works with Exchange, Google or MobileMe.



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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 14, 02:24 PM
    I have never heard of this guy. But having Geocities, Yahoo, and Microsoft on a resume doesn't inspire a great deal of confidence.

    As a datacenter manager ? Quite the contrary, those are 3 big data center experiences right there.

    As a product manager ? I'd agree with you.


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  • belair
    Sep 25, 10:17 AM
    I guess apple is just trying to create a hype around a product that has not had the succes, they anticipated.

    Adobe is pushing their agenda pretty hard, so apple has to show of what they got, even if that is not aperture 2.0.

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  • Lacero
    Sep 18, 09:19 PM
    I think you have a better chance of dating Emily Rossum than this Apple store girl. :p


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  • djltoronto
    Jan 7, 12:18 PM
    still waiting for facebook to sync actual information like phone numbers and email addresses... now that would be handy!

    Palm pre does this right outa the box

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  • Dave Braine
    Apr 30, 03:34 PM
    No matter what the quality/resolution of the source video, a dvd will not match it:

    Don't know about you audio problem, I suggest you just go through your project and reset the volume levels.


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  • w_parietti22
    Sep 18, 12:14 AM
    Other than that, I dunno.. go to starbucks or something to meet people? A singles mixer? *shrug*

    I was in starbucks the other day and there was like 3 women using Macs. (2 PBs and a iBook)

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    Aug 12, 01:56 PM
    I hope it uses it's own battery!:D

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  • -SD-
    Apr 12, 01:29 PM
    Just downloaded the update and got Outlook to sync calendars with me iPhone :D I really have missed the ability to do that these past few weeks so I'm happy again.

    I'd really like 'Travel Time' adding back into Outlook appointments as I can't see why it was removed. I found that I used that quite a bit in Entourage '08.


    Nov 11, 03:08 AM

    Thomas Veil
    Apr 27, 08:30 PM
    Previously on "Trump, the Strip":

    Donald Trump's brain is transplanted into Bill the Cat. (

    Adjusting to life as Trump the Cat. (

    It's not what you are, but what you own. (

    Trump deals a fatal blow to "Bloom County". (

    And now...

    Full disclosure: I assembled some of these images using...layers!!!

    Apr 5, 09:45 AM
    It is what I've been saying here for the last year. MR readers are not the target audience for the iPad, and that is why they have been so consistently wrong on the iPad's prospects until market data proves them wrong. We are NOT normal -- we like to hang out on a tech rumor site :)

    The rest of the world gets the iPad and loves it.

    I hang out on MR a lot. And a lot of other tech blogs as well. And I love my iPad 2.

    Crap... I'm certainly not normal but I love iPad 2. What am I?

    The iPad has broad appeal and I'm willing to bet at least a few people in that room love the iPad and didn't agree with Wozniak when he made the comment.

    Apr 1, 09:45 PM
    The black 3ds officially beat the iPhone in sexiness

    You're joking right? April fools? The 3DS is the ugliest thing to come out of Nintendo manufacturing in a long long while. The DSi was a nice looking handheld, as well as feeling good as far as ergonomics go. The 3DS is a glossy nightmare and should be used as a showcase of what not to do when it comes to industrial design.

    Mar 28, 01:40 PM
    From the graphic announment it is pretty clear what OS is now the focus of ACE (Apple Consumer Eletronics).

    ACE should drop all pretense and rename WWiOSDC:mad:

    lol so you're totally ignoring that it also says Mac OS and that the Mac App Store also has icons like the iOS app store just so you can bitch about iOS again? didn't know it was time for your conspiracy theories again, we only had one just before the weekend...

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