Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • efoto
    Oct 5, 02:30 PM
    Thank you for all your work on the widget, especially the last fix ;)

    Lovely thing that always reminds me of my status and the teams. Thanks again for the efforts, best of skill with work and school. Hopefully we will continue to see you around.

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  • nagromme
    Oct 6, 10:18 AM
    Yes, because SO many iPhone 4 users are crying out that it�s just a little too small or a little too big! :p That�s a problem worth throwing vast sums of money and development resources at, not to mention customer confusion and loss of simplicity. Be more like Dell :)

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  • Glen Quagmire
    Sep 25, 10:46 AM
    Another event, yet another disappointment.

    Yes, where's the MacBook Pro with integrated toaster?

    Quite why people keep expecting announcements of upgraded laptops at a photography conference is beyond me.

    mila kunis macaulay culkin. Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin
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  • Eraserhead
    Jun 13, 03:37 PM
    OK I've redone the guides category. So I've finally finished this :).

    There are four articles remaining in Old Categories ( all of which frankly should be deleted. has nothing to do with Macs or Apple.�C is only tangentally related to the sudden motion sensor, but still should go.

    and the final article is on Vista Beta 2, which I have already whined about asked to be deleted.

    The categories that are subcategories of Old Categories are all now empty and can also be deleted.


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  • Ladybug
    Oct 10, 06:38 AM
    For years WalMart has moved into many small towns, and undercut everyones prices repeatedly, driving all the Mom & Pop stores out of business. As long as they were hurting someone elses bottom line, they seemed to think that this was competition and very much acceptable.

    Now that Apple wants a piece of the pie, its suddenly unfair. Sorry WalMart, either get in the game or find something new that works for you. No sympathy from me. :(

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  • fishmoose
    Oct 6, 10:51 AM
    Okay, is this rumour stating that Apple will be spitting out new models every month? No.

    It'll be a yearly cycle. iPhone Nano, iPhone Classic, iPhone XL or something.

    Apple offers more than one size of laptop, iMac and iPods. Seems to work well right?

    Computers and phones isn't the same thing. I could see them doing it with the iPad since its a computer but I honestly can't see them doing it with the iPhone. Might they change the size of the screen for the next iPhone? Yes. Will they sell two models with different screen sizes? No.


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  • TehReaper
    Mar 11, 06:51 AM
    Me and my sis got into the north park mall first in line haha only two of us still.

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  • Amazing Iceman
    Feb 23, 01:30 PM
    FTC go do something useful, let parents learn to educate their kids and earn their respect, so they won't over spend at the AppStore.
    It could be the Candy Store or the Arcade, so what's the difference???


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  • motox25
    Apr 20, 06:56 PM
    Ok thanks for the feedback. I would've opted for a better card but I got a good deal on two of the HD2600s. So, should I use two of the HD2600XT cards for each monitor or 1 HD2600XT and 1 Nvidia 7300GT? Would using 2 of the 2600XT cards cause a heat issue?

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  • ejfontenot
    Mar 11, 09:48 PM
    Yea. If I can find one, I am gonna return my 16 gig black wifi for a 16 gig white AT&T


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  • jaw04005
    Sep 25, 10:23 AM
    Tally me in the 'I care' crowd as well.

    If the student price were $99, I could buy it in a heartbeat... but it's so close that I'm trying to find a way to get it.

    If you have a student ADC membership, and still have your hardware discount asset�you can purchase it for $99 (EDU) at the ADC Store.

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  • BruiserB
    May 2, 04:03 PM
    Has anyone torn-down a recent black iP4? Maybe Apple just changed the camera part on both?


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  • typecase
    Aug 14, 05:12 PM
    Speaking of parodies, this one's my favorite:


    One of my favorites too! :D

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  • realtwang
    Apr 20, 01:34 PM
    Maybe a little off topic, but could we *please* do something about the auto-play videos on these stories. Not that they're not great videos, but it's annoying as hell when you bring up this page a few times a day...:mad:


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  • kd5jos
    Jun 19, 09:06 AM
    Does nobody realise that you have to support the exFAT format (from Microsoft, currently NOT supported on OS X, and has to be licensed by Microsoft) to be able to use more than 32 GB? (or the up to 2 TB). Otherwise if you format it with the old formats you are stuck on the same limits as you would with ad SDHC card..

    Sort of.

    Lets separate reading and writing exFAT. If I can read it, I can pull stuff off of it. So OS X will require the ability to read exFAT in order to make it compatible with non apple devices that will be using this format. HOWEVER, it is not required that Apple choose to read exFAT. You could format with HFS+. Then any device that can read HFS+ could read and write to it.

    If I can write to exFAT, then I can place data (even 4GB+ media files) on the card. Apple may create a driver that allows you to read exFAT but not write to it.

    This matters if you are going to use the card to store media files (4 GB+), or are planning on using the card with non Apple devices. I could get a 128 GB SDXC card, format 100 GB in FAT32 for a user directory, and format 3 8GB swap spaces (one for OS X, one for Windows, and one for Unix). Then I'd have my user files and swap space with me wherever I go, and it would be cross platform compatible (everyone reads and writes FAT32). Yes, FAT32 does have a maximum partition size, this is why I used a 128 GB SDXC card as the example. And yes, I wouldn't have my media files (movies) on the card (I'd need one of the 2 TB cards to do this).

    Since Pretec is selling an ExpressCard SDXC reader, this is what I plan to do with my triple boot MBP (see sig). I'll point my OS X user directory to the directory that will be on this card, I'll do the same for Win7, and BackTrack. Each OS will also have swap space on the card. This increases security too. If I have my SDXC card with me, someone using the laptop can't see my files at all. It also increases speed (maybe and a little) because I'm using a different storage device and bus to put my user files/swap space on.

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  • ctdonath
    Oct 6, 10:37 AM
    iPhone Nano - YEAH!

    I've got my iPad for all other iOS uses. Just want a Nano-sized widget to provide phone ability (esp. when not carrying the iPad). iPod Nano functionality & width/height, allow iPhone thickness, add cellphone module + Bluetooth.

    iPhone is overkill for me now in light of iPad ... but I still need a phone. Back to basics, repackage.


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  • inkswamp
    Mar 28, 12:28 AM
    Here's the truth. Be aware that it's very disturbing.


    Okay, apparently there's some LSD in that coffee.

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  • jessica.
    Oct 27, 02:37 PM
    I really want the junk mail feature. I am now getting junk @ my .mac. I also wish I could just have the address and forget the other features that I do not use.

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  • maflynn
    May 5, 11:45 AM
    It really isn't fair to compare the MBA to a netbook as all they have in common is size. And Widnows is worth its value to over a billion users too.

    The other thing to consider is usage. Many people who use a small laptop like the MBA or those listed are not looking for a powerhouse of a computer. Just a tool to surf, do some email or document creation. In that case a netbook is perfectly suited. Beside why spend > 1,000 when you can spend 300 that provides that level of functionality.

    I want to point out that I prefer OSX, and buy Macs (and have built a hackintosh). I'm not some anti-apple troll or anyhting.

    I base my purchase decisions on what fits my needs the best. There's a number of blind fanboy posts that knock anything thats non apple.

    Other computer makers produce good products and windows itself is a good OS. Just because it doesn't have that apple logo means its crap

    Aug 14, 11:39 AM
    I love the ads, but the credit goes to the director of the ads. This Justin Long fellow shouldn't be the topic of conversaition. Actuallly the Windows guys is much cooler, he is John Hodgman the author of "The Area's of my Expertise". He also appears on The Daily Show with John Stewart regularly.

    I'm not dissing Long, but there are just other people who should be recognized before him.

    Mar 28, 08:14 AM (

    Sep 13, 07:23 AM
    �Is it all IV? Gas?

    What do you feel like when you come to?...
    I had a few GA�s and I think I�ve had both gas and IV�s.
    Whichever you have it�s normal for the doctor (I�ll not try to attempt and spell anestithologist <that�s why) to ask you to count down from ten, you won�t make seven before you�re under.
    While you�re under you don�t dream, or at least I never have.
    Coming round is the weird part as it�s not like waking up from sleep, it�s like when you are so tired you can�t keep your eyes open. You know when you�re sat in front of TV at night and the shopping channel comes on and you�re powerless to even lift the remote but can see the horror in front of you.
    You�ll come round from the drugs like this and then drift back off to �normal� sleep ie sleep your body�s decided you need as opposed to drug induced.
    Waking from that sleep is fairly normal except you�ll have to deal with the pain of whatever operation you just had. :(

    Apr 11, 04:58 PM
    About $4.15 here

    Dec 16, 03:53 PM
    This is absolutely pointless and I'm sick of hearing about it. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Sony who started the campaign. Think about it. If you didn't like the X Factor song, you wouldn't buy it. But now there is this silly campaign to buy the RATM song for all the people who hate the X Factor song. Sony wins in either case.

    And the reason the X Factor song is usually number one is because, well, the X Factor is popular.

    These campaigns are stupid and pointless.


    It's not about making Sony lose out. Most of the people buying the single realise that either way, Sony benefits. Yes, Cowell will benefit slightly as he has shares in Sony, but he won't benefit nearly as much as he would if X Factor was number 1. I think it's just that people are fed up of X Factor dominating the charts year after year, and they want to see something new. Myself, I don't mind the RATM song, yes if it was my choice I'd have picked another, but anything is better than the cheesy manufactured pop that comes from Reality TV singing competitions.

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