Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • DeaconGraves
    Mar 15, 11:50 AM
    Was at Knox Street at opening and they said that there would be no iPads for sale today.

    Also went by the AT&T Store on Oak Lawn yesterday. They said they weren't expecting iPads for another few weeks.

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  • Rodimus Prime
    May 5, 07:50 PM
    The "Apple Tax" is largely just in the mind. PC Magazine, and several tech blogs, have had comparisons and found that a Mac is cheaper than machines from some Windows machines (I think Sony and Dell were more expensive but I could be wrong). Out of five tested, the Mac was in the middle.

    I did the math, and gave it up after I had consistently lousy experiences with every version of Windows I used, with hardware from a variety of well known manufacturers.

    I will happily spend the imaginary premium if it provides with a stable operating system.

    if maybe if you go spec for spec but often times you end up having to pay for a bunch of crap you do not need or want to get what you want from Apple.

    Take this. I needed/wanted a 15in Laptop higher res screen and i7 processor. I bought it for around $1500. Same laptop from Apple over 2 grand. I was willing to give up the alumium body and battery life because they were not as high on my list.

    Or try this one. Someone wants a 17 (hell even 15 in) screen but only really need a core duo or a i3 processor. If they went Apple they have to pay a huge tax to pay for all the extra crap they do not want/need just to get that 15 or 17 in screen they want/need.
    Apple Tax is in the form of having to buy a bunch of extra crap you do not need/want to get the few items that you do need/want.

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  • rstansby
    Mar 19, 04:04 PM
    Only $20 savings for each iPad, when you buy 10. That is no better than the education discount on iMacs, when you buy them 1 at a time.

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  • dukebound85
    Jun 14, 10:26 PM
    The reason the wii worked is becasue all games support the controller

    having only a few doens not justify kinetic for me


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  • james92se
    Nov 18, 09:39 PM
    Aren't there a half dozen or so other websites that sell/do the exact same thing as this kid? As well as likely hundreds of eBay sellers?

    So, what I missing here? Why all the scrutiny for this kid?

    Plus, his website clearly says they're non-OEM parts. So I really don't get all the negative hooplah here.

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  • YoGramMamma
    Apr 13, 01:35 AM
    One thing that i hadnt considered until i got to use it first hand was the whole issue of latency. I got a 64GB VZW model (and while i was origianlly going to get the ATT version, i figured i'd just jailbreak and go the miWi route.. so I am gonna keep the vzw one)..

    Anyway, ive used an att one and a vzw one side by side both with abotu 3 bars of signal and the vzw one smoked the att one on response time alone. the VZW was almost done loading the whole page before the att one even begun. They ultimately ended up finishing close to one another, and i am sure on larger uploads and downloads teh faster bandwidth would be a plus, but for most browsing, having a faster response time is better.... and the VZW definitely wins in this area.


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  • scem0
    Sep 14, 09:43 PM
    Originally posted by MacBandit

    You don't need to spend 3,000 to get an extremely fast mac right now try 1,600-1,700.

    But for 1,600-1,700 dollars I can get a hell of a lot faster PC. Nobody can deny that.

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  • XNine
    Sep 25, 11:48 PM
    You know what? There was an ex-MTV VJ that made his own show using a Powerbook and two mics and he called it "Podcasting." There was an issue of Wired Magazine with him on the cover damn near two years ago. People were using the term "podcast" before Apple did. Apple has no right to do thsi to teh people who've made their player the most successful MP3/Portable Media device EVER.

    *kicks steve jobs in the nuts for allowing this*


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  • Oppressed
    Apr 24, 08:49 PM
    If someone is going to specifically test disk read/write speeds then one needs to also look into and see if the SSD is the Toshiba or Samsung model. I for one have the Samsung model and scored higher on the disk test then his model.

    +1 for at least testing a MBA with 4 gigs of ram.

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  • viperguy
    Apr 30, 10:20 AM
    OMG.. I`m excited!


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  • jessica.
    Oct 27, 02:38 PM
    Why spend the money if there is no market?

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  • Clive At Five
    Nov 14, 09:36 AM
    Aww, there, there, Zune. Look on the bright side... you come in brown!



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  • grooveattack
    Feb 23, 03:51 PM
    SLAM DUNK! thanks man!

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  • ken138888
    Mar 18, 10:15 AM
    7RMB/1L China:o


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  • CaoCao
    Apr 10, 04:09 PM
    Again - are you suggesting a child is nothing more than a "consequence"?

    A child is a consequence, as a consequence of saving someone's life I was rewarded rather generously by the person ($1,000 to a 6th grader is a lot).
    A consequence is a result or effect of an action or condition

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Jun 17, 02:39 PM
    Probably not...Remember how Sony didn't lower the sale price of the original PS3 when the refreshed model came out--even though it was higher?
    No, it has now been confirmed. At the time I posted that comment, it was just speculated, but Microsoft has now confirmed pricing and availability of the older Xbox.

    As of right now, Microsoft is no longer making original 360s. Every 360 they build is the new one. So, if you really want the older one, you only have a limited time until stock of them is gone.

    They also announced price drops for both of the older consoles as well. The current Arcade unit is dropping from $199 down to $149, and the current Elite is dropping from $299 down to $249. I would guess those prices will stay like that until the holiday season, and then any remaining stock of them at that point will be cleared out.


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  • kingdonk
    Mar 1, 10:36 PM
    more options

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  • Eduardo1971
    Mar 28, 08:30 AM
    Can't wait to see what they announce. It would be nice to see a bigger jump than usual for iOS and hopefully a shipping date for Lion.

    My thoughts exactly. I've been awaiting the SB Lion OS iMacs for the longest time now. I cannot wait-looking forward to any more news on this front!

    (Opps. My response was meant as a reply to Post# 13.)

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 24, 10:57 PM
    Just what I was looking for.... Not.

    Mar 12, 04:41 PM
    Good point. There is a little article in the April Car and Driver that lists all of the cars assembled in North America and their actual domestic parts content. Some of it is pretty shocking. Sorry, I don't think they have it online, but if somebody really wants it, I can scan it.

    As an example, the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are both 80% U.S./Canadian parts content. The Chevrolet Silverado pickup? ...61%. :eek:

    Wow, I came into this thread late. I wonder where the other 39% percent of the Silverado is from? I would guess more than one country. I know about the US Toyota plant, but Honda, too?

    Anyway, I kind of like the Honda Fit and if that's helping American workers, then all the more power to them.

    Mar 24, 03:48 PM
    What size is everyone getting? I will be picking up a 32gb since they are out of the 16gb.

    Sep 28, 04:00 PM
    I like updates. :)

    My build is currently 8J135. What happened to 8Kxxx?

    I believe the K builds were only for the Mac Pro's

    Jan 13, 04:08 PM
    This application kinda scares me. I don't want everyone knowing where I'm at. I'll pass.

    You don't have to. "Checking-in is optional." Facebook does not do it automatically.

    Apr 9, 07:19 PM
    I didn't realize assisting in procuring abortion for child prostitutes counted as reporting to the FBI

    Obviously you've been reading the wrong sources, in all the cases Planned Parenthood gave advice, but then reported the case to the FBI.

    People are a nation's greatest asset.

    Unwanted people are far from an asset.

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