Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • Abyssgh0st
    Mar 10, 06:12 PM
    I'll be at the University Park store as usual. Anyone else going there?

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  • robbieduncan
    Mar 29, 08:12 AM
    from your same source, the VERY NEXT paragraph:

    The EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM is a great example of a well designed EF-S series lens. It provides a field of view similar to what Canon�s popular EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II USM and EF 17-40mm f/4.0 L USM do on a full frame camera like the 5D Mark II.

    Yup. So the EF-s lens is providing a field of view of 16-35.2mm in full-frame, 35mm equivalent. So is effected by the 1.6 crop. Which is what I've been saying all along.

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  • Mac-Addict
    Oct 26, 04:25 PM
    Writing this from Leopard, Its such a great upgrade I loveee it and OMFG the queue was insane xD Gald to say I was 4th coming away with 2 shirts (Sorry if you didnt get one xD Heh I waited 3 hours :P Which flew by) The amount of people that pushed pissed me off. But in the end whatever. All my photos came out pretty god damn crap which I am not happy about. heres one of the queue (At like 4, its got a hell of a lot bigger later on.)

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  • fourthtunz
    Feb 15, 10:34 AM
    I'm waiting for the Mark of the Beast = RFID comments to begin.

    Serious, there are several segments of the population out there that have objections to this type of technology. I don't know if Apple cares though.

    I guess we can already be tracked with the phones we already own?
    Rfid would give more info though.
    Our populace is largely ignorant of our own governments history and thus oblivious to the freedoms that would be given up freely by this being included in our phones.
    Our government is trying to get rfid included in our licenses and has been met with stiff resistance. Now the sheeple will fall for the "convenience" of rfid in the phone.


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  • Eraserhead
    May 13, 02:06 PM
    I do still prefer my titles as they are more user-friendly and product centric rather than type centric. For example with your way is that iPod Touch software would be in a different place from iPod Touch hardware. But your layout does have the advantage of less options to click on and it is still a lot better than the existing layout.

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  • itcheroni
    Apr 9, 05:20 PM
    And nobody said it was, or that you should repeat it indefinitely. But you can't expect people to get on board with severe cuts -- especially the ones they're now talking about to Medicare, Medicaid and SS -- if you're still overspending on defense, tax cuts for the rich, and corporate loopholes.

    The government funds plenty of things, like libraries and parks, that aren't "necessary" but wanted. In the end it's all about how much we're willing to pay for. What's odd is that you see the middle class wanting to keep many of those services; it's the rich and the corporations that are screaming bloody murder about them.

    Tax cuts isn't spending. That is the same thing as saying everything the government doesn't take from us is an expense to the government.

    And the rich and corporations are screaming bloody murder about libraries and parks? Aren't most of those things handled by local governments except for the big ones?


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  • Mr Bigs
    Feb 19, 08:59 AM
    Isnt Jobs a vegan? Cancer or not, not eating any animal products whatsoever is going to make you quite thin. If for no other reason than most things have animal products thus there just isnt a lot to eat.Being a vegan is probably what's wrong with him. Friends don't let friends eat veggie burgers !!!!!:eek:

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  • Love
    Apr 2, 01:39 AM
    $1.12CAD per litre, which, depending on your definition of a gallon, works out approximately to $4.64US per gallon.


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  • dukebound85
    Apr 24, 04:45 AM

    my quad core 2.4 ghz with an 8800gt is chugging away lol

    what flags should i use?

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 22, 12:31 AM
    That is idiotic, there are plenty of low power graphics solutions that blow the doors off Integrated garbage, Almost like saying I hope they use the least expensive cheapist solution they can find that uses no power. A computer is a tool and for you to say 97 % dont need a GPU is a lie. In that case they could be using G3s with rage 128's. More spin from the fan club of crapo graphics. What they should do is offer a option for those people who expect a modern computer to be just that.


    Apple using the integrated GMA950 is a bunch of crap... They just went cheap, it has NOTHING to do with power savings. Even an old Radeon Mobility 9700 would be better. I can't understand why Apple chose to do this seeing how they don't support it with some of their own software (FCP, Motion). They should have at least offered an upgrade option or put the GPU option in the blackbook only or something.


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  • rdsaunders
    Oct 26, 06:30 PM
    Well what a day, Mac Expo the the Leopard launch i was pretty much at the front of the queue, well outside the Lacoste Shop anyway.

    For those of you who didn't get a t-shirt and want to see the product check out (

    My Leopard install is complete just letting Time Machine do its business now.

    I've got some shots inside the store I'll get them up on Flickr ASAP.

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  • HDJulie
    Mar 24, 03:41 PM
    Glad I browse these forums at work. Just called my local Verizon and they're holding their last 16GB wifi for me. :D

    I can't even get someone on craigslist to sell me their used one for this price!!

    Ha, me too! It is just too good of a deal to pass up.


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  • BobVB
    Aug 14, 12:51 PM
    No it won't convert the PC fanboys or the increasingly popular 'I can be offended quicker than you can' crowd but I really doubt those are the target audience. The ads are humorous and hit exactly the kind of audience from which 'switchers' come from - those dissatisfied with their PC experience.

    Apple isn't trying to take over the entire computer market - way too many people you wouldn't want as customers in that crowd. Just getting the kind that do find the commercials humorous and 'on the mark' with the added controversy the commercials themselves spawn is probably more than enough. Look at this thread - if I'd were leaning towards Macs and ran into the PC sourpusses here I'd get one just to provoke them further. Humorless people need to be taunted and provoked at every opportunity - they will either grow or explode, both steps up.

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  • mac*jedi*g
    Mar 23, 07:42 PM
    The title of this article should be:

    Mac goes to WAR:mad:


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  • redeye be
    Feb 21, 01:22 PM
    You're right,
    It doesn't work for me either.

    I haven't looked at this for ages, extremeoverclocking probably changed their xml design. I'll see what I can do, but I can't promisse you a fast solution. My daughter and studies take up most of my time right now.

    I'll post a working version in this thread, when I come to it. If you'd like to take over development however, feel free to do so.

    Thanks for trying the widget :)

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  • zildjansg
    Jun 14, 08:16 PM
    a shiny black 360 is pretty hot especially with its cool wifi upgrade.:D


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  • -SD-
    Jul 14, 06:47 AM
    Well here we have it, an Amazon listing ( for the new Arcade S?

    If it turns out this is correct, then 4GB onboard memory is quite an upgrade over the 512MB in the previous incarnation. I'm convinced that the Arcade S will be glossy white. Amazon seem to have changed the page slightly, as it was showing a price of €148.99.


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  • scaredpoet
    Dec 27, 09:49 PM
    . You would have to believe that AT&T is willing to lose all the online sales from the iPhone on Christmas to stop some thieves.

    They wouldn't lose ALL online sales, just the ones from certain zip codes where it believes fraud is high.

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  • yyc engineer
    Mar 24, 05:16 PM
    no Verizon stores in Canada!! :(

    Mar 20, 11:49 AM
    So much whining, so little time.

    About the only reason I'd care about anyone getting a discount is if I couldn't get the same discount myself.

    Apple can charge what makes sense to them. As long as it's a decent business decision on their side, I have no gripe. If demand is high enough, they can get what they ask. If their institutional customers want to be "tossed a bone" to buy, then throw them a bone and make it up on volume.

    Make some money Apple - and don't go broke in the process.

    I like what Apple does enough to want Apple to stay healthy.

    Nobody has to buy anything Apple sells if they don't want to. Nor can Apple make them.

    Move on, people.

    Apr 18, 03:23 PM
    ive got a ps3 and a mac pro coming monday or tuesday so will contribute these to project ps3 +24/7 (i did a weeks folding for toms hardware a month os so ago and i got 1250 ppd just on the ps3) mac pro probly only about 5-6 hours a day but more like 15 hours in the school holidays and weekends :rolleyes:! could you suggest a client for the mac :confused:?? and i think i will start a new folding acount but just to make sure you can put more than one client/machine on one acount/username also how many ppd can the 2009 quad core enty leval mac pro achive on 24/7 ????

    Apr 15, 02:12 AM
    According to her blog she left Microsoft months ago and went to work for (I think) VMWare

    Ah, to bad :(

    It was helpful to have a shortcut into their Mac development team. I tried to deal with the German support team - which I think is the same that also handles the Windows crowd - and I got the impression that Office for Mac issues are just a tiny blob on their screens.
    I got them so far as to acknowledge that they can reproduce the bug in PowerPoint. However they then told me that they can not get through to the people in the US and that even if they could the developers would not listen to them anyway - go figure...

    Mar 24, 02:58 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    For some maybe, I have my finger on the trigger to order an iPad 2 3G tonight to compliment my MBA 11 and iPhone....bought the MBA about a month ago, it's great, but I miss the iPad...

    Mar 25, 11:00 AM
    Before all you Apple fannies disagree with this; just remember Apple is trying to sue everyone else too.

    It's all ridiculous.

    "Apple fannies" -- I like that.

    Seriously, the amusing part of this is that patent trolls are usually companies who never produce anything based on those patents. Sadly, Kodak is a company that once produced decent stuff, but is now essentially acting like a patent troll because they don't really produce squat anymore. Considering that Kodak is busy liquidating entire manufacturing sites, it would be amazing if this company ever made comeback (even if they won $1B from Apple).

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