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  • highmarcs
    May 1, 09:54 PM
    I just downloaded the latest Garage Band for my MBP. Upon trying to use certain instruments it gives me some message about "the instrument or loop you've selected is not currently installed on your machine. Would you like to download and install all of the Garage Band instruments and loops at this time?"

    Well, I've now downloaded and installed the additional content THREE times and STILL....every single time I reopen GB and try to use one of those instruments, I get the EXACT SAME MESSAGE!....:confused:

    How many times does one have to download and install Apple software before your Apple computer acknowledges that you've done so?:(

    I've tried to request a refund for the whole damn app, as this aggravation has now soured me on the program in total. However, every single time I try to report a problem to the app store, Apple has totally changed the site, the way you file a complaint is different, the screens are different, the hoops they make you jump through are different, the options on offer are different...blah, blah, blah. :mad:

    This feels like a deliberate attempt to just wear unhappy customers down and just get them to give up and go away. Now there's some absurd, Twitter style character limit window that you have to type your problem into? WTF? How rude and dismissive? All their bs about being "easy and intuitive and user friendly" goes out the window when you want to make a complaint or simply ask a question, THEN it's an ever changing minefield of screens, buttons, and dead ends.:apple:

    I've been an Apple owner/user for 1.5 years now and this is just another example of why it's been 1.5 years of total and utter frustration and dissatisfaction with my MBP and this company.:mad:

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  • cheeseblock
    Feb 19, 06:34 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Get your elbow off the table steve, has your mother taught you nothing?!

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  • bluebomberman
    Mar 2, 02:36 PM
    Google literally Velcro's their server farms? Dang, I should try that.

    I'm serious. See here ( And here (

    The slow shift to el cheapo green servers and cloud computing makes Xserve an even tougher sell, most of all to Apple internally.

    More so than other tech companies, Apple is famous for making stuff that they want to use themselves. (I remember Steve Jobs once mentioned how Apple employees' hatred for their own cell phones helped drive the creation of the iPhone.) So I'm willing to bet that Apple looked at their server farms and thought, "Dang, we'd be stupid to put Xserves in here. Um, why are we building these things again?"

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  • CaoCao
    Apr 10, 12:17 AM
    First other organizations offer abortions as well. So I'm not sure what your logic is getting at.

    Second PP was not started by the KKK.

    Finally, I don't know if what Abby Johnson is saying is true but if abortions are truly going on at a magnitude that she suggests and PP is illegally funding them, I don't know why she's the only firsthand source.

    I dont know how many of you guys actually have firsthand experience with PP and how many are just doing the keyboard jockey thing but I've been in 3 Planned Parenthood waiting rooms. Those places are always packed with women. It'll be raining and the place won't open for another hour and there will still be a line outside. From looking around, I have never seen any woman there with a late term pregnancy. What I did see were a lot of women - usually from high school to mid-20's, lower income, probably no health insurance. Since my high school days, PP has always been the primary resource for testing and/or contraception. Through their counseling, which is actually pretty effective, it's also one of the best resources to learn how to be sexually responsible.
    Margaret Sanger had "interesting" views of minorities
    That's a little simplistic don't you think?

    One would assume that you'd also be pro gun control, pro universal healthcare and anti military if not "diminish[ing] that asset" was truly so important to you.

    Somehow, I doubt that you're consistent in your stance.
    Pro-gun control (okay on hunting rifles/shotguns, no on automatics and mandatory gun safety training for urban possession). Pro-universal healthcare. The military could be a lot less involved internationally and still maintain Pax Americana.
    I am that consistent.
    Who says people are the greatest asset? Do you know what happens when bacteria overwhelms its environment? Have you ever heard of too much of a good thing? ;)
    I also advocate for a simpler lifestyle
    Well, Cao Cao for one.

    So I'm eager to hear of all the political programs he suports that enhance the probability of health and livelihood for all people, lest one of those precious assets suffer an untimely demise.

    Cao Cao must be a big proponent of speed limits, helmet laws, OSHA, the FDA, the EPA, government regulations, etc.
    Well to Marxists people are the greatest asset and in a way in capitalism too.
    Yes, I support speed limits, helmet laws, OSHA, the FDA, the EPA.
    I call fake photo. Just look at the "photo credit:" slapped on bottom right corner.

    From wikipedia ( (because that's the fastest way for me to search this little piece of history)

    All she did was give a speech on birth control to women in that organization.

    Oh, and how are people (especially the very young) going to know about consequences if they are not properly informed of consequences and dangers? Are you (CaoCao) proposing that they know of these things after the fact. After teens have already gotten pregnant because they didn't understand and were told about birth control and what it does. Are they told only after contracting an STD from an infected partner who didn't know that he/she was infected.

    I know it is probably shopped, I was using that image to represent Margaret Sanger's views on eugenics and treatment of minorities.

    People need to be adequately informed of consequences and dangers, it is vital to discouraging them.

    eawmp1, have you done both? What is easier, a couple hours of pain or eighteen years of hard work?

    I love how in 2009 Planned Parenthood did 332,278 abortion and 977 adoption referrals, that's like 340 to 1


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  • ClassicFitness
    Nov 11, 07:44 AM
    I want more:D

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  • cshen
    Apr 29, 12:26 PM
    Are your APN entries correct, or your carrier file installed?
    Settings > General > About - what is the value for "Carrier"?

    Might be worth a reset of your network settings.
    Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
    This will also wipe all stored WiFi entries and their passwords and reboot the phone.

    Carrier is Starhub 10.0. The phone was perfectly working before. I've never jailbroke this phone before. I'm still under contract with Starhub.

    I've tried to reset the network setting already. Also reset the phone as well. Nothing is working. :(


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  • Squonk
    Nov 14, 09:49 AM
    I would call this "pre-lobothomy":eek:
    What happened to old driving games and conversation?:o

    99 bottles of beer on the wall,
    99 bottles of beer.
    If one of those bottles should happen to fall,
    98 bottles of beer on the wall.

    98 bottles of beer on the wall...


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  • darwen
    Oct 9, 03:11 PM
    When will these companies stop bitching over this! I shop at Target all the time for DVDs, iTunes selling those movies is not going to change this. If I want the DVD, I will buy the DVD. Seriously, this is like them complaining over Pay Per View or Rental stores. Get over yourself! This is corporate America... monopolies are not going to be supported by the masses. Competition is a good thing. These companies need to start putting the consumer first and themselves second.


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  • Gasu E.
    Sep 26, 09:49 AM
    According to US law, a trademark holder MUST defend their trademarks, or they risk losing them. Google is struggling with this, as they're trying to encourage people not to use it as a generic verb.

    Wikipedia Linky (

    Absolutely. Having received a couple of cease-and-desist letters myself (from Microsoft, actually), I think Apple's letter to Podcast Ready is extremely polite and accomodating for letters of this type. Also, note it was carefully crafted just for Podcast Ready, undoubtedly at significant expense. If Apple had a larger agenda of controlling the term "podcast" in all its uses, I suspected this note would have been a bit more boiler-plate and re-usable.

    My take on this is not that Apple is trying to own all uses of the term pod or podcast, but to establish the legal boundaries between the reach of their trademarks and common usage. In order to do this, Apple has to take a somewhat aggressive stance. The actual boundary will be adjudicated by negotiation, and at some point, probably the courts.

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  • bigsexyy81
    Aug 19, 01:16 PM
    It isn't putting Facebook back on when I sync. Is there something I need to do before the sync? :confused:


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  • Bennieboy�
    Apr 24, 04:43 AM
    now i cant seem to find myself on the MR team lol

    if you've only just started, you wont, let the program crunch a few WU's it'll take a while depending on your system and WU settings, but you'll be up there soon enough ;)

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  • Kebabselector
    Mar 21, 04:30 AM
    Chances are the papers would send a staff tog along to take pictures if they are interested. Though no harm in contacting the picture editor if you want to offer your services.


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  • nickisgame69
    Mar 24, 12:03 PM
    ATV quality is in Apple's control but T quality is not. If they do decide to license the software technology then every tv manufacturer will implement with their own hardware. Its possible that Airplay will work better on one device versus another. I believe that will taint the Apple brand. Apple should stick with its guns. ATV works well because it fits in Apple's model. Licensing software that is so hardware dependent is just a bad idea.

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  • scrapple
    Mar 24, 02:54 PM
    good deal, might get one for the wifey and kid..

    I sold my ipad 1 for $529 a week before the ipad 2 was announced...



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  • dcv
    Oct 24, 08:17 AM
    Or should that be the Leopard Lounge ;-)

    Haha, fantastic suggestion :D

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  • res1233
    Apr 5, 11:00 AM
    The point is that even cheap dumb-phones don't require a case to get better reception.

    The iPhone may be the best smartphone overall, but it has a flaw when it comes to the most basic feature on a phone.

    You are overstating it, just as the media had. Nobody who pays that much for a phone and values their money is going to walk around with a glass phone that is easy to break without a case. I probably should not have brought it up, but the point is that people will use cases for other reasons besides the reception. The case is required, not because of the reception, but because the phone is expensive. How someone will argue with that I don't know... I'm sure someone will figure out a way. ;) Also, the reception issue is only an issue in low-signal areas. But maybe you forgot that? idk...


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  • Rigsby
    Oct 26, 07:35 PM
    it was a bit embarrassing to say i was queuing for an operating system!

    Cah! It is the people who asked who should be embarrassed.

    I got there about 5 and about half-way around the block which was good enough to snag a shirt, keyboard and Leopard by about 6.15.

    My main purpose in commenting though is to say congrats to Apple on the management of the event, especially the policing of the queue. It was good to see they dealt with pushing in because, let's face it, they get the same money whether you push or not.

    (one machine Leoparded, two to go!)

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  • Bonfire
    Apr 5, 07:25 PM
    I was praying that the headline was "Apple to Introduce new dock connector."

    The current dock connector SUCKS. It's way too hard to plug into, especially on the iPad 2, with it's tapered edge. It feels flimsy and I dread plugging anything into it for fear of breakage/bending of the pins.

    I was really hoping that Apple would redesign it using MagSafe as their inspiration.

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  • gazwas
    Apr 5, 10:46 AM

    You can see where they have retouched the Home button.

    First shot especially changes colour as it gets near the white square and there is a definite difference in texture in a circular shape around the home square in the second shot.

    Might happen on the final release but this is not a picture of it and just someone after a pathetic 5mins of fame.

    Nov 9, 08:13 AM
    Your concerns are understood. My question is: how does this differ from having your wallet or credit card stolen? Amazing that we'll secure our computers up tightly to prevent online security breaches but we'll let the sketchy-looking waiter walk away with our credit card in the restaurant.....

    OK - I admit that I can a certain tendency toward paranoia :o, but...

    With respect to credit cards, most eating places where I am in the UK bring a machine to the table rather than taking the card away. A PIN is required. Also, one can erase or cover the 3-digit number on the back so that you reduce the chances of your stolen card being used online. My worry is that the RFID will be so automatic ('convenient') that you'll be able to wave your phone to purchase goods or services, without any other conformation of your identity. And it is true that security so far on RFID is far from perfect: indeed, one can now purchase shielded passport covers that reduce the chance of criminal access to sensitive passport information via RFID .

    EDIT: Also, didn't O2 trial something called 'Wallet' that allowed a mobile phone to be used to buy things? I wonder how the trial turned out...

    Apr 6, 11:17 AM
    I never understand this kind of thing. It's like someone saying "I can never buy a Honda because it just can't tow all the things I tow on my farm, or drive through deep mud." But then he drives his F350 every day 30 miles and back from home to town to do errands and get groceries getting 12 miles to the gallon. Most people would (and do) get a efficient small car for that sort of thing.

    Many people can't afford to own two vehicles. Car payments, second registration, second inspection, and maintenance on that second vehicle will likely cost more money than just buying more gas.

    I don't want to spend money on more than one computer or maintain more than one.

    Apr 12, 02:10 PM
    Yes. Jamie got his to a mirror shine. Almost looked like a marble :p

    I bet it didn't smell like a marble...

    But back to Office. I still prefer the Windows version however the Mac version is starting to grow on me. Were it not for MS CRM that I use at work, I could finally be rid of Windows once and for all. But, alas, no dice. Love how CRM works ONLY with IE.

    I agree the windows version is way better. But it's not worth running Parallels all the time to get it. The Mac version is good enough. (At work I do run Parallels all the time for other reasons, though, and I therefore I almost exclusively use the Windows version of Office.)

    Apr 2, 02:10 PM
    The main problem with the UI I think is that it is too hard to access things that you want to do all the time. Everything is in that annoying palette with all those buttons, when instead Apple should move some things to the toolbar. I want to be able to change fonts and styles and justification with the click of a button. Also, it needs an equation editor. Until Apple fixes these things, I'm sticking with AppleWorks. Fortunately, I don't feel like I got ripped off because of Keynote 2.

    Oct 27, 02:37 PM
    We all know that this is just Adobe's Revenge for Apple stepping on its e-Toes with items like Final Cut Studio which for all practical purposes smacks down anything that Adobe can muster up, and for Aperature, which is not as good as it could be, but is still in the realm that Adobe used to dominate. On the audio front, I hope that this costs a lot less than Logic Express because if it's not 50% or more cheaper, this horse is dead before it leaves the gate. I mean, Logic is already cheaper than Audition, and for my money, LE does a bit more than Audition (granted I don't come even close to using the full capabilities of LE).

    So maybe Soundbooth is just here to compete with Soundtrack, which is kind of dumb, as no one will be using Soundbooth on a Mac since soundbooth will not integrate with FCS the way that Soundtrack does. The more I write about it, the dumber releasing this app for the Mac sounds. I mean. . . Adobe dropped Premiere for the mac because FCP smoked it, but now they want to release an audio app for mac that probably only has a place in a Premiere workflow. Hell, maybe this is just a SoundEdit Deck 16 II!? WTF!? I'm leaving.

    I don't understand why anyone would slam a company for releasing a product for the Mac...competition is good, and the audio editor market isn't as healthy on the Mac as you think.

    This app isn't designed to compete with Soundtrack squares off against Soundtrack, Audacity, Amadeus, and Peak LE. Now, Peak is well respected, but I'm not sure seems very clunky to me. Audacity and Amadeus aren't bad, but they suffer from smaller toolsets, interface abnormalities and no video integration. Soundbooth would be a nice addition to this group.

    What I hope the most is that this is simply a test of the code base to bring Audition to the Mac...something that I think is desperately needed.

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