Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • scu
    Nov 14, 01:45 PM
    Here is my take. Anyone who owns a video iPod mostly like would own a laptop. If they take the video iPod on a trip they are also more likely to take their laptop. I would prefer to watch a video on my laptop instead of the little screen on the airplane. But then of course battery life is an issue as well.

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  • SuperCachetes
    Apr 5, 11:48 AM
    Based completely on wear-and-tear on highways I still say that a gas tax is unfair. And this is why the the US is struggling for tax dollars to fund highway repair and upgrade projects these days.

    What I think is unfair is adding cost to my efficient and light-on-its-feet vehicle to incorporate mileage-tracking capability, making me track my own mileage, or both. And I wouldn't be real enthused about creating additional government authority and/or departments to track this crap.

    A tax that is weighted unfairly against some segment of the population is hardly new. Gasoline is already taxed, already metered, and using less of it is a good thing, even if its use does not proportionally relate to wear-and-tear on roads. If I don't like the price of gas, I'll drive less, or buy a smaller car - both of which, as others have said, will reduce the damage to the roads I travel on.

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  • Doctor Q
    Mar 20, 11:09 PM
    what kind of school would need the ipad over a mac or pc?
    It's up to innovative schools to decide whether, and how, iPads have a role in schools. They might have good uses in classrooms, libraries, labs, reading clubs, alongside computers, instead of computers, or who knows.

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  • SilianRail
    Apr 5, 05:17 PM
    I thought they were committed to Thunderbolt and ignoring USB 3.0


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  • 100Teraflops
    May 2, 08:15 PM
    Hi everybody,

    at the moment I've got an old non unibody MacBook Pro with an ACD like in the picture below. As apple has switched to the unibody models they started to put a black bezel on the the ACDs and a black keyboard to the MacBooks. What I love about the silver-only-design is, that the content on the screen is much more dominant, the MacBook and the ACD seems to fade away when you are working with them. I just wanted to know what you think about the new vs. old design.



    Well, I will voice my opinion and here it is: I like the unibody screen with the black bezel better. I like the black keyboard and the silver bezel though. :) Now, the black keyboard looks 10 times better than the silver/white keyboard. Just my .25 though.

    I am new to Apple and I am not very nostalgic about old Macs. Maybe in a few years I will like the current model more than the future model. :eek: What a mouth full!

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  • lmalave
    Oct 17, 06:49 AM
    Apple, please, make it right:

    - Smartphone.
    - Built-in Mac OS X mobile.
    - Wireless

    That will make it the ultimate presentation tool with a huge halo effect on corporate, education and domestic markets:

    1. Make presentation on Mac or PC with Keynote or Powerpoint.

    2. Save the presentation to the iPhone.

    3. Use the iPhone as a wireless computerless presentation remote.

    Wow! More here with great pictures:

    I don't think any presentation features would be enought to cause any halo effect in the corporate market. Features that *could* cause a halo effect, on the other hand, are:

    - Using the iPhone as high-speed wireless modem, over Bluetooth (2.0 or even a new version), or Wi-Fi (maybe can enable "Internet Sharing" on phone)
    - Powerful email/messaging client to compete with Blackberry. They wouldn't really be competing with Blackberry, but they might strip away a few users that decide the email client is "good enough" and would like to have their iPod and phone in the same device...


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  • achie25
    Oct 27, 07:04 AM
    [QUOTE=longofest]The interface is slick, but it is slow as a tortise. Maybe they are still bringing additional servers online, but I hope the speed improves...


    I agree. Using it on my work PC and IE. And it is really slow.

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  • liavman
    Mar 24, 06:58 PM
    If your local store does not have it, call nationwide. My local verizon store said they ship for free anywhere in the U.S. by FedEx. I had one shipped to Florida. Hope this policy is not unique to the store I visited.

    "luckRunsOut" reports above that the store in San Antonio off DeZavala have a lot left in stock.


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  • philbeeney
    Mar 13, 09:58 AM
    I'm with Rogers in Canada and my iPhone 3G Date & Time had "Set Automatically" to ON. I had to change "Set Automatically" to OFF before the time corrected itself. My Time Zone is set to Toronto.

    My Mac changed correctly (Leopard 10.5.8) and the Set Date & Time automatically checkbox was ticked.

    I'd say Apple have a problem with iOS 4.2.1 as well. Governments around the world should stop dicking around with Daylight Savings. That would solve the problem.

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  • kenpina
    Apr 30, 01:56 PM
    Purchased: Aug '07
    Model No: A1186
    EMC No: 2138
    Mac Pro/3.0_8CX/4x1/2x7300GT/500/2xSD/AP/BT

    Logic board:
    Part number: 630-7951
    Serial Number: J5*****X7QB

    Added: 8gb Kingston memory (total 12gb)
    Added: 3x1tb drives (total 3.5tb)

    Couple weeks back, system blinked off. The machines powers on, but there's no chime and the system doesn't boot at all. Done the SMC reset, reseated RAM, drives, video cards etc. Suspected the logic board.

    Troubleshooting (from Frys, Apple authorized) confirms it's the logic board.

    Now, going through the process of pulling the old board to trade in for a replacement "X7Q" board. Probably this one:

    I got the machine disassembled but I am unable to remove the heat sinks/CPUs. The 4 captive screws loosen, even took them all the way out of the machine, but the sinks seem to be stuck. It doesn't just lift out as most of the online info I've found indicates that it should.

    Unsure of how hard to pull on this thing. It wobbles very slightly, but feels firmly stuck on...enough that the board will flex if I pull it any harder.

    More reading makes me think it might be the thermal paste is just really sticking? This is really stuck though...almost as though there's another screw I can't see. I thought if I pulled hard enough the CPU might come out along with the sink.

    Also I ran across an article (after the fact) that states the order of screw removal from the heat sinks needs to be in a specific crossing pattern. Can't imagine how that matters.

    Of course, I paid through the nose for this machine back in late '07. Bought Apple Care even. All long since that I need it. Getting desperate. This machine is a workhorse and I see no value in replacing it if I can fix it for 700 to 800 bucks.

    Any one have ideas?


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  • kingdonk
    Feb 28, 09:24 PM
    have you used osx server before?

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  • cookieme
    Oct 27, 08:21 AM
    Did they give you the full HE discount though - Leopard for �58.75? Or did they charge �75?

    I payed �76.50 which is what they call the Individual Educator discount. I wasn't aware that there are different education discounts.


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  • AFPoster
    Feb 22, 08:52 AM
    So I got an offer in the mail for a free Microcell. Just picked it up, no hassle or anything. My condo had horrible reception, but now its all good. Anyone else?

    I live in the Haight District in San Francisco.

    I've been trying to get one as well, who'd you send your e-mails to?

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  • SandboxGeneral
    Mar 27, 07:46 PM
    How about a graph showing my cost per gallon over the last 2 years? This is in US dollars.


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  • puuukeey
    Oct 16, 10:34 PM
    obviously jobs isn't scared of zune because he plans to one up zune in the communications department

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  • robbieduncan
    Sep 25, 11:13 AM
    Is there shown any RAW cameras supported in 1.5 that weren't in the current version? I wasn't up on that since mine was supported and that's all that mattered to me, but if there are new camera's supported it would point to 10.4.8 to be released later this week too.

    See the previous posts. A number of Fuji cameras that were not supported now are.


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  • R.Perez
    Apr 9, 12:42 AM
    I thought you described yourself as an anarchist. What's your definition of an anarchist? Someone who supports a lot of state control?

    Anarchism is as much about abolishing capitalism as it is about abolishing the state. I am also practical in that I can separate what I consider ideal, from it is a practical reality given the current situation. Funny how you intentionally distracted from the fact that the cuts are about ideology and have nothing to do with the budget.

    The state is, at least to a certain degree, accountable to some semblance of democratic control (as problematic as it may be), corporations are inherently undeomocratic institutions by design. I will also always put the working class above the haves and the corporate fat cats.

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  • Stevamundo
    Feb 18, 11:12 AM
    This is the photo is full size:

    He does look scarily thin�

    Steve Jobs has always looked �scarily thin� ever since his liver transplant.

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  • macnews
    Jan 4, 12:10 PM
    I've been using the iPhone's Google maps in that way for almost 3 years and I have not once had that be an issue.

    I dunno, I guess something bad could happen, but it sure doesn't seem likely to me at this point. And even if it does happen to me soon I'm prepard for "once every 3 years" as a failure rate.

    Ok, but when a road changes and you don't have the newest map then what are you doing? Manually downloading is what.

    I'd rather it be an automatic process.

    Both methods have drawbacks: "Not always available" vs. "Not always current."
    Given that I've never had a problem with availability, I'm actually interested in an app that promises to stay current without my having to download maps manually ahead of time.

    Since you are already using Google maps this way, then why pay $40 for a service? Traffic updates? Road directions? Talking to you? All fine things but I have also been using Google maps this way and have had refresh problems in areas of otherwise good coverage. I would pay for a map service which had a small local map (say one in a 200 mile radius of your main zip code) that I could have on board. Using over the air, I'll just stick with free google maps.

    Apr 7, 05:00 PM
    This dock means that the future iPhones will sync throught thunderbolt with macs and with usb 3.0 for pcs!!! I guess thins means macs wont come with usb 3.0, so maybe an adapter would come out sometime...

    I repeat: sync to macs with thunderbolt and sync to pcs with usb 3.0!!

    I hope they do this in the next iPhone- the thunderbolt speed.

    Jan 11, 03:02 PM
    New StreetPilot in app store ... fast update to app, must have known of all these issues before CES release ... step in the right direction, and encouraging to see their commitment to updates

    What's New in Version 6.5.3

    �Improved audio quality - Voice instructions are now clearer and easier to understand

    �Map storage size increased - browse even more maps offline that you've previously downloaded

    �Listen to music without interruptions - New setting toggles voice instructions on/off during navigation

    �New volume control added to navigation map menu for quick access

    �Faster map downloads

    �Minor bug fixes

    May 2, 01:14 PM
    It's just that black is slimming. ;)

    Apple OC
    Mar 11, 01:16 PM
    most products "Made in the USA" are excellent quality

    Nov 14, 09:38 AM
    so then... maybe...


    ... just a thought.

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