Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • iJays
    Mar 23, 02:57 PM
    If iOS supported DLNA you would be able to do this without any new standard, there is no need for a new apple developed standard for this, I can stream video from my android phone to my TV, Bluray and PVR already. This is something devices have been able to do before Airplay came along.

    It's not hat these devices need a new standard, just for apple to support an already industry wide used one.

    yes, i can do this with my htc desire hd and sony tv already....
    it is very apple like anyway, create a different name for something and call it theirs like airplay and retina display :apple:

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  • Eidorian
    Apr 5, 04:53 PM
    Now we are playing with power.

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  • rdowns
    Apr 8, 07:18 AM
    So we're on our way to a government shutdown because the Tea Party Republicans want to kill Planned Parenthood and Big Bird. How ****ing sad.

    Hey Tea Party, remember, it's all about jobs, jobs, jobs. :rolleyes:

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  • silentnite
    Apr 27, 09:30 AM
    At this point price is the only thing that concerns me. Hoping apple keeps the same price point as Snow leopard and the upgrade coming in at $29. or $49 on DVD


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  • Bosunsfate
    Nov 21, 04:47 PM
    They work, buy passing a relativly large current 3-20 amps, depending on wattage. to draw heat from one side to another basically. one side is -10 degrees c. The other is +80 degrees c.

    This hits what I think is their main do you get these numbers down.

    A nearly 100C difference and the amps alone make this really a problem for basic consumer devices..

    Now on an industrial scale...

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  • Vandam500
    Jan 7, 09:01 AM
    I am still having no sound and no badges. I have tried reinstalling the app and doing a hard reset. Nothing. All I am getting is the alert but nothing else.


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  • Eidorian
    Jun 17, 08:41 PM
    If I were to guess, it would be this single new model alone for the rest of this year, with the 2 older models slotting in as the "bargain" versions for the holiday season. Then next year, after the launch of Kinect has settled in, and the older models are pretty well phased out, they could introduce a wider range of models.I've heard that the older Arcade and Pro models are no long in production. What is going to happen once they're no longer in stock?

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  • timmillwood
    Oct 10, 03:21 PM
    i dont think this means there will be any changes too the Macbook, i just hope the Macbook Pro update is soon!


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  • Machead III
    Jan 6, 09:50 AM

    I wasn 't buying any of the in depth analysis people were making over the New Year splash, but now...

    We can be pretty sure the two images represent colours and styles involved in a new theme - whether that theme is simply a logo for iTV (most likely), Leopard (still pretty likely) or an iPhone/new iPod (unlikely, just because... it doesn't look very relevant) is unknown.

    I hope it's Leopard tbh. I couldn't give a sh�t about iTV.

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  • gkarris
    Apr 19, 08:39 PM
    Not sure, but here's hoping this year.

    And a HUGE YAWN to Atari's greatest hits. I downloaded it for my DOUCHE-iPad and tried out the free pong game. As usual, smudge screen controls are shite for most games that require reflex. But it's definitely easier to play them on a larger screen than a tiny phone screen, where one's thumbs cover a large portion of the screen.

    If I had an iCade, I'd buy some of the arcade games from the collection, but not the Atari games... But the problem there, is then I've lost portability.

    And on this subject about old games. On my Nexus One, my Android phone, I have an emulator for all my favorite consoles, including of which the Atari. I bought/downloaded all my emulators directly from Android's Market Place -- something I'd have to jailbreak my iPad to do -- and with a utility I downloaded, I can connect my Wiimote to my phone via bluetooth and then plug my Classic Controller into it for superb controls. The only glaring issue here, is that for portability, this is not practical. Now if only someone would release a tiny Bluetooth joystick at a local retail store, I'd buy it.

    Anyways, I wants the VC on my DS, as its controls are integrated and nice. Here's hoping that Nintendo will allow me to transfer the games I bought for the Wii to the 3DS.

    The iOS has some good games, but older games made for joystick/buttons/paddles don't quite cut it. I can't imagine Tempest with at least buttons (though the knob is ideal).

    I like TRON and the game for the DS you have to use the touchscreen for some of the battles. The Tank and Disc battles the stylus/finger gets in the way of the playing screen.

    The PSP version you just use the buttons, keeping the screen clear for viewing.

    I think Sony's design of a rear touchpad on the new PSP will be the answer to a lot of "mobile touch gaming".


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  • CanadaRAM
    Nov 21, 05:03 PM
    And the first rule of investing is, if a little company 'leaks' the 'fact' that they are 'in discussion' with a major market company, it means they have nothing.

    If they were in serious discussions, there would be non-disclosures.

    I could be in discussion with Universal about starring in their latest blockbuster movie. I sent them a letter, they sent a rejection form letter. Voila, discussion.

    The issue with using such a device in a laptop or whatever, is that there must be a temperature gradient -- that is, there has to be a hot end and a cold end. The hot end is a given, a processor. But you still have to cool the other end of the device, so you still have to have fans/radiators/or whatever to draw heat away from the cold end for the effect to work. Doesn't change the fundamental problem of cooling a machine with limited space and power.

    As mentioned earlier, if you want to ACTIVELY cool a CPU with these, it takes the application of a boatload of electricity to do it.

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  • DotComName
    Apr 19, 10:04 AM
    I hope they add a little app icon to the bottom of those multitasking preview windows.. like they did with expose in Lion... I think this is a much nicer way to navigate recent open applications.. Can't wait to see it on the iPad! But what about swiping to the left of the first homescreen???? DASHBOARD!!!??? :D


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  • chisnic
    Apr 12, 04:38 PM
    It does. You need to go into Tools --> Synch Services and enable calendar sync. I then restarted Outlook and iTunes, synced my iPhone (Info --> Advanced --> Replace info on this iPhone) and everything was there when I went into the calendar.


    EDIT: It also keeps the category colours from Outlook which is awesome, as Entourage never managed to do this.

    Well, I just recently switched from Windows to Mac OS X. In Windows, one is able to sync Outlook through iTunes with the iPhone. But in OS X, iTunes shows only the sync options with iCal and Address Book contacts, nothing from Outlook. I'm probably missing something here and would appreciate some enlightenment. Thanks to anyone in advance!

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  • renewed
    Dec 27, 07:23 PM
    Interesting. I wonder if it's just a warehouse shortage for that area or carrier struggle?

    Seems fraud is the reason from what that rep said in the chat. Maybe we have started to solve the mystery to this thread ( ;)


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  • baummer
    Sep 17, 03:30 AM
    Ask her if you can mount your drive on her desktop.


    LOL. Seriously, just ask!! You've got nothing to lose. If they say no, it's their loss.

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  • rickey939
    Oct 26, 08:05 PM
    - still can't use an email address other than email address as "reply to"

    Ummm, yes you can.


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  • mdelvecchio
    Mar 23, 04:21 PM
    Why don't they just use existing standards? RTSP, H.264/MPEG4 video and bonjour. There. No licensing required.

    But no.

    Apple pulls the "standards compliant" flag out of their asses only when it suits them. Boo.

    if it was that simple, somebody else would be doing it. it isnt, and they arent.

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  • *LTD*
    May 5, 04:03 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2 like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C134 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Laptop Hunters Reloaded.

    Predictable result: record Mac sales this quarter. Pretty much what's been happening every quarter. MS and Ballmer have been bleating the same tired garbage for years: Macs are expensive, get a PC!

    Except now, the netbook market is drying up, Apple has passed everyone in profit, market cap, etc., MS Windoze Phone 2007 is about as exciting as waiting for a NoDo update, and they have sweet f all in the tablet market. MS is moving from embarrassment to embarrassment. They should just allow users to install Office on the Xbox and play with Clippy.

    MS latest campaign is attacking Apple at the top of their game, when they're changing the face if tech across the board. And MS wants to tell consumers to please please buy a ****** PC instead?? Really?? Totally insane.

    Of course, unsurprisingly, Steve Ballmer actually thinks this is a brilliant idea.

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  • Miharu
    Jul 24, 12:16 PM
    Well, I fell for it and bought this baby. It feels pretty nice, it's not my first XO per se (I had one borrowed for 6 months before from a friend) but it's nice to finally have my own and I can start buying a bigger game library.

    I'll make it a habit to install games now since it has a big enough hard drive, and it makes a lot less noise when no disc is spinning. It's totally not "whisper-quiet" like they claimed in E3 but it's noticeably quieter than the older one. The fan speed rises periodically the longer you have it turned on, after 2-3 hours of gaming it sounded much closer to the old one. Did you notice the new smaller power brick actually has a fan now? That's what's making most of the sound :/

    So far I'm playing RDR and trying to finish some older titles like Oblivion and Fable 2. Got any suggestions? I'm looking at Mass Effect 2.

    question fear
    Sep 19, 09:17 AM
    You know, it's entirely possible she was just being friendly to you when she chatted you up outside the store. If she'd just left work, she was probably still in a "friendly be nice to customers mode". Especially if you'd just purchased something, she might have seen you as a future high ticket customer and thought she'd just greet you for a moment, you'd just talked and she figured, why be rude? A lot of people in retail have a "friendly" demeanor that is used on customers, and does not indicate a willingness to sleep with their customers. One of my employees has a real problem with this, she goes above and beyond to help a customer, and they interpret it as being more than just helpful. On more than one occasion she has done exactly what this apple employee has done, hiding in our back offices or sort room until the customer leaves. I hate to tell you this, but it sounds like she was trying to be nice, and now she's weirded out because her niceness has gone too far. If she hid TWICE, that's probably what it is.
    But, just to be positive, maybe she's been getting in trouble for socializing while at work, and she can't be seen flirting with you while she's working. I just didn't want to steal all your hope.

    Sep 19, 01:57 PM
    HEHEHEHE!!! That is great to see!!! Go PowerMac! Flame everything!

    Dec 28, 09:16 AM
    Haha, I can already see the next Verizon ad! This is pathetic. Surely Apple has worked out a deal with another carrier for 2010? At least AT&T doesn't completely suck where I work and play. Well, except my mother-in-laws house, which really sucks because what else am I supposed to do there? They don't even have wifi. I should have bought them a router for Christmas.

    Mar 11, 09:46 AM
    I have been at legacy since 7:30. They set up where the lines would go abOut an hour ago. Quite a few people have shuffled in and out of the store but no one is lined up outside. I'll just have to keep waiting.

    Oct 26, 10:37 PM
    anyone know if you can sync pics from addressbook to the one on .mac - seems like there is a space for them but can't figure out how, thanks.

    You can't sync them. It doesn't get the photos from your Address Book, it's getting the picture from that user's .Mac account. If they're not a .Mac user and/or haven't gone into their webmail prefs and uploaded a photo, you're not going to see one.

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