Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Apr 4, 01:15 PM
    I first assumed the burning of luxury items was being loyal to family and tradition because the items were wicked and not traditional. I guess not.

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  • zengod
    Jan 6, 11:32 AM
    In the UK where customers of the like of O2 (me) have more chance of getting a w##k off the Pope than a decent data signal without resorting to standing up a ladder and waving their phone in the air, this is a definate no win app.

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  • anonymous6237
    Mar 11, 09:04 AM
    We are 12th and 13th at Willow Bend. We are currently at the end of the line. There is a roped off area and they are saying LIMIT TWO PER PERSON.

    Thanks for the Willow Bend update. I'm planning on heading over around 1:30 and hope to not be too far back in line.

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  • PBGPowerbook
    Jun 10, 01:22 PM
    Everyone should've stopped reading at "Shaw Wu."

    He is the shining example of the inanity, irrelevance, and irresponsibility of "tech analysts." It's tough not to be sour grapes when you think about how much these people must get paid...


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  • hazz4121
    Sep 13, 05:37 PM
    I notice quite a few folks referring to how fast a machine is mhz for mhz and how if software were properly developed that the Mac would be faster than the equivalent pc. There is one flaw in that thought process you can only buy and use what is on the market. I have been designing on Macs since '92. In the end of 2001 after being laid off I needed a pc to test and developed on. I built an Athlon XP 1800+ system with Win2k. Prior to that I was working on a G4 500 agp with OS 9.1. My new testing PC absolutely killed my G4. Now I realize the G4 is old technology and the Athlon new. The speed of the machines is a 3:1 ratio 500mhz(G4) to 1.54ghz(Athlon) but for my tasks in After Effects and Photoshop it is 4 times faster. Not to mention Flash which Macromedia has done a terrible job developing for the Mac. I now see actual frame rates rather than two thirds frame rate. To get that sort of performance on a new Mac (in late 2001) I would have had to shell out $3000 and it still wouldn't have been as fast at the time. I paid $1100 for the pc. I love OS X and I run 10.5 on my G4 but I can't justify spending the cash on a new Mac since I would have to upgrade all my primary aps to run in OS X. Not to mention win2k is solid. I rarely have to restart and have crashed maybe twice in the 10 months I've had the pc.

    I'm at the crossroads though. I need to get a laptop soon and I would love to see a reasonably priced Ti Powerbook. But I'll probably end up with a 2ghz pc laptop for $1500. apple needs to get more competitive with bang for the buck. I'm just waiting for a reason to go back to working on a Mac!

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  • Jarbo
    Jan 4, 02:50 PM
    And your piss poor Mac support for all of your devices, awful (if non-existant) syncing and overpriced proprietary maps. You have promised mac apps for years and have always failed to deliver.

    You still suck. Even with your iPhone app.


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  • zeemeerman2
    Apr 12, 12:45 PM
    So what's fixed?
    To me, in Office nothing seemed broken.

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  • samiwas
    Apr 9, 10:27 AM
    Something just hit me while doing my taxes, and getting drilled with self-employment tax.

    Some of the major things many are talking about cutting are Medicare and Social Security. Self-Employment tax is in place to cover payments into each by self-employed individuals (or those like me who just happen to be paid 1099 for a portion of work). So, you make major cuts to those two programs, would they not also then cut the self-employment tax, thus reducing revenue? So wouldn't it all be a moot point? Or would we still be paying the same out of our checks and taxes towards the programs, just not getting as much out of them?


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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 15, 12:26 PM
    zimbra, pop/imap

    what a joke. firewall guys, we want email on our phones. we need to open the firewall on a few more ports

    exchange is database based which makes it easier and cheaper to manage it

    Wait, how does Exchange being database driven have anything to do with Firewall ports of POP/IMAP protocols exactly ? Exchange does the same POP/IMAP protocols and if you want your phones to access the system using those protocols on an Exchange server, you'll have to open the same firewall ports... Are your 2 statements even related ? Do you even realise Zimbra's backend is also database driven, except they use a much more standard RDBMS (MySQL) rather than Exchange's proprietary EDB format (which is loosely based on MDB, since both use the JET database engine, a far inferior database format that's more akin to SQLite than to a real RDBMS).

    But of course, you know all of this right ?

    And are you suggesting that push based e-mail requires a "database driven" backend in any sort of way ? Because that would be quite ludicrous a claim a to make. And of course, are you suggesting only Exchange does push based e-mail ? Because that would be ignoring Zimbra's Z-Push functionality...

    The fact is, AD, Exchange, they are so widespread exactly because of what I said earlier : Microsoft got their monopoly from IBM in the 80s and then proceeded to leverage at every chance to make solutions that do not inter-operate well. AD is integrated into Windows client tightly, it's a pain to make it work for anything else as far as SSOs go. Exchange is a success thanks to Outlook's widespread use, which is thanks to Office's dominance, which achieved it through Windows widespread use on the desktop.

    This is typical Microsoft modus operandi and why I have ethical and moral reasons to not work with their products as much as I can personally help it.

    Your SQL server example is also short-sighted. A 1/4 the cost of Oracle ? No duh, you're getting 10% of the product. Typical though that people look for Oracle when their needs don't even require it. It's just the best there is right now, and of course, you have to pay for that. However, you don't always need the best, in fact, Oracle is overkill for about 90% of RDBMS use out there.

    This is all moot, the subject of this thread is Apple hiring a Data center manager, not a product manager, that used to work at Microsoft. I see no problem in this, the guy is probably very qualified.

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  • PeterQVenkman
    Feb 19, 11:03 PM
    Notice Steve is the only guy without wine?

    Good! That means he takes his liver transplant ( seriously.

    Very skillful in how Jobs face and legs are hidden. Im beginning to think the newspapers are right about his condition.

    Also, pretty tasteless to dress the way he does. I'm not a fan of Obama, but if I were to meet him and sit next to him for dinner, I would respect the office enough not no dress in freakin' turtle neck.

    Jobs has ZERO class, none.

    My parents are the same way. They hate Obama, and yet get offended if someone doesn't dress up for him. Funny how that works.


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  • pmz
    Mar 13, 10:52 AM
    No issues on a dozen macs/idevices here

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  • 63dot
    Apr 5, 12:56 PM
    This is so on the money.

    I was just having lunch while watching a film on my iPad. Next table over a table of business people are showing off one of their new iPads. People respond so positively to the experience on so many levels it really has something for nearly everyone.

    The important thing that apple got was that making great computers for 2% of the population, or smaller, was one thing. Making a great piece of hardware for 95% of the world something else entirely and much more lucrative.

    With 80.2% percent of revenue based on stuff other than Macs for Apple, this makes sense.

    If I were a PC user finally comfortable with a new PC and (pretty good) Windows 7, I wouldn't really need a Mac. What can a Mac add for me?

    But the iPad is so portable and incredibly powerful for its size and price it's hard to say no to it. Apple has already shown a whole world of PC users how indispensable iPods and iPhones are, so we came out with iPad for Mac users and non-Mac users and from the numbers we are making a killing.

    I don't know if both Steves had this type of vision that far back unless they were hard core Star Trek fans or something with a long range vision of making really cool devices. I thought they were all about the personal computer in the beginning, and of course their own operating system.


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  • JAT
    Apr 12, 03:11 PM
    Ugh, outlook syncing to Exchange 2010 is still slow. Emails hit my iPhone instantly, as well as Outlook 2010. As for the Outlook it takes up to 30 seconds. Maybe they need to improve EWS???
    Very slow on Office too. My 1G iPod Touch was faster.
    They made Mac OS office very similar to the windows counterpart in the 2011 version. Granted its not 100% the same but the gap between office 2011 on mac and office 2011 on windows is very tiny now.
    They made 2011 similar to not 2010.

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  • Darklandman
    Apr 25, 05:58 AM
    Retina Display
    backlit keyboard Option (so everyone who wants to have it can have it)
    bigger SSD drives
    faster/newer processor
    upgradable Ram

    Now that is something to lol at :p
    Not if you have this
    Ignoring current situations and if I could have it any way I want:

    Macbook Air 11.6''

    - Intel I5 ULV, 6mb FSB

    - Nvidia GeForce GTX 460M

    - SD Card Slot

    - Thunderbolt Port in ADDITION to 2 USB ports.

    - Get rid of the bezel around the screen and either make the screen slightly larger or make it black edge similar to MBP.

    I would just settle for the i5 and Nvidia chip. As for the collapsable ethernet port... moving parts? ew.


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  • MyDesktopBroke
    Apr 7, 10:18 PM
    So I guess the GoP stopped studying 1994 after they read "massive Republican gains?"

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  • Dooger
    Mar 20, 09:25 AM
    Who cares??? its a $500 device that can replace all computer needs of any student. Period.


    Any student? No. Just No.

    Please engage some sort of thought process before you make statements as ludicrous as this.


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  • clayj
    Sep 17, 04:28 PM
    I think the biggest problem here is that she's AT WORK. A friend of mine who's a professional waiter/bartender used to have a problem with a female patron who would basically come into his bar every night and stalk him. He HAD to serve her; that was his job. But she made it very difficult for him by hitting on him, grabbing his butt, stuff like that.

    I'm not saying you've done anything like that, but the point is that when someone is at work, they're supposed to be working. They have to show just the proper amount of friendliness required for them to do their job effectively, without it becoming a social / "hey, what are you doing later on?" type situation.

    My advice to you: Let this one go.

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  • m3digi
    Apr 24, 12:50 AM
    see this youtube video and you will be able to determine whether CPU affects the overall speed more than GPU. This guy compared 11" MBA(with 320M graphics) and 13" sandy bridge MBP with SSD(with Intel 3000HD graphics )

    Of course sandy bridge MBA won't use full power sandy bridge. But you will know that MBA's performance is just overpraised by SSD, not by GPU. Once other notebooks get SSD, MBA's benefit is only limited to small form factor and weight.(maybe + high resolution)

    I just don't understand people overpraising 320M on MBA, this made me to join here.

    This comparison is garbage. The reviewer took a 13" MBP 2011 with a 2.3 GHz i5, 4GB and 128GB SSD and compared it to a 11" MBA with 1.4 GHz, 2GB and 64GB SSD. I would have liked to see him put a 13" MBA with 2.1Ghz and 4GB. I don't think the differences would have been so dramatic.

    There is no way a decision to purchase a SB MBA should be influenced by such a lopsided comparison.

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  • danielsmu
    Mar 16, 08:28 AM
    Anybody seen any of the DFW apple stores receive and begin selling iPads during the day or have they been holding them for sale at the beginning of the next day? Trying to see if it's worth going to Northpark or Knox bright and early on Saturday morning or if it's best to just keep calling around throughout the day...

    Sep 14, 04:59 PM
    I find it funny that people come here for medical advice! :rolleyes: ever heard of a Doctor? :p

    Oct 26, 11:32 PM
    I would have like to see more of a boost on the storage side as well. It would be nice .Mac could give 5GB of storage for instance for the 99bucks.
    What do you guys think?

    Apr 4, 04:53 PM
    I thought it was revolutionary - the idea that you always start with a template and never with a blank document. I thought - wow, all these years and Microsoft didn't come up with this?Actually, for the past several years Office has offered the option upon opening to load a document or pick on of several templates. Office even organizes them by type: Professional memo, sales order, etc. So, nothing new there. Move along.

    Can't stand Pages. I'm a writer and it (Pages) is totally unsuitable. Clearly a wannabe DTP program, ala Publisher. I'm sure Pages is great for doing a church newsletter. For any moderately-serious writing, Pages is unacceptable.

    I'm very impressed with Office for the Mac. W/ student pricing, that bundle is a steal. Mature and powerful apps. (And, strangely, the Mac version is better than the Windows version.)

    Sep 14, 04:59 PM
    I find it funny that people come here for medical advice! :rolleyes: ever heard of a Doctor? :p

    Mar 11, 10:01 PM
    50th in line at Allen BB, but they did not have much left by the time they reached me, mostly white and 3G that not many wanted, bummer. Target and Walmart in the area has little to nothing either.

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