Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • Mr-Stabby
    Mar 3, 03:15 PM
    Thanks for the screenshots.

    Slightly concerned that some services appear to be either missing altogether or lacking in functionality.

    Hopefully we'll see them appear before the final version appears. It seems from the look of those screenshots that a lot of stuff has been re-written from the ground up.

    I'm liking the look of the new web based features :)

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  • Knowimagination
    Mar 10, 08:29 PM
    I think I am going to do the University Park store since I have never been there and I have been to the Knox street store a lot.

    Probably get there around 1pm tomorrow hopefully the line won't be too bad.

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  • sartinsauce
    Oct 17, 09:54 AM
    i actually think apple will probably come up with something that takes existing features/wants/needs of current smartphones/3G phones/etc. and defines/redefines the category somehow, much the way the iPod, while still doing things other players did when it was released, defined all HD based players after it.

    You're right, of course. I neglected to mention that in my post, and now that I think about that, maybe they will turn the tide on the current cycle of constant update/refresh.

    Generally, Apple's products are true innovations. One would only hope that the iPhone would follow that track record.

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  • kd0tc0m
    Apr 13, 01:21 PM
    I don't think Pages is horrible. It's not great, but it isn't quite as bad for me as everyone else finds it. I don't use it all that much (Keynote gets used far more than Pages does).

    I'm with you. I'm new to the world of Mac and I want to stay clear of Word. It's not a great app, but it's something I'm getting used to.

    Same with Keynote, different approach, but I like it better than the world of PP.


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  • MattDell
    Oct 26, 07:38 AM
    I see a lot of London students in here. What campus is everyone from? I'm studying at LSE. Anyone else?

    And... I'll be there around 5ish.


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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 10, 11:13 PM
    Considering the Mini got bumped lately do you reckon that's very likely?


    I'm sure Apple will progress the Mini to C2D when they Macbook is updated. The Mini only received a minor speed bump the last time around and I bet it had more to do with keeping consistant pricing than it did with updating a product.


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  • Dooger
    Mar 22, 06:19 AM
    I bet my students can't wait to run products like AutoCad, Final Cut Pro, Logic, Sonar and Visual Studio, on the ipad. They'll be so excited I'm sure.

    It's just a glorified web slate and note taker. By no means bad but I don't see any students where I work, or staff for that matter, rushing to get one. We may buy one or two for R&D.

    I completely agree. It's probably being aimed at the computing illiterate or perhaps commuters but in its current form with an iPhone OS, it's just not powerful or versatile enough for the vast majority of students.

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  • Mattsasa
    Apr 5, 11:23 AM
    So Counsumerreports publishes that they can't recommend the iPhone 4 due to antenna. Then they later realized that they were dumb asses and the iPhone antenna issue is a non-issue. Now they can't just change their mind, that would make them look like an idiot, so they stayed stubborn saying the iPhone 4 had an antenna issue, because they were too stubborn to admit they were wrong.

    Now the iPad is out they are trying to prove to the media that they are not being biased against apple.

    However, the iPad 2 is the best tablet. That is just a no-brained


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  • Silencio
    Feb 18, 11:06 AM
    Notice Steve is the only guy without wine?

    Perhaps drinking alcohol when you've got a transplanted liver is not exactly the brightest idea.

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  • rovex
    Apr 5, 11:11 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Capacitive home button sounds believable as apple has gone away with buttons on the MacBooks trackpad. Apple likes touch, not clicking. Lol

    Capacitive home button (and volume) is the way to go. Plastic makes the expensive feeling iPhone feel cheap. and it will just look sexy having the home button flush with the glass.

    Another thing which hasn't been wanted as far as I know is the home button to glow in dark as it were. Pretty annoying to press the wrong side when you are in complete darkness.


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  • Fukui
    Apr 3, 07:13 PM
    I'd LOVE to see Ruby support in TextEdit for Tiger!

    EDIT: Oops, wandering off-topic again...

    Ruby support should definitely be in an update of Pages.
    I'm sure your not the only one.

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  • tkermit
    Feb 19, 06:39 PM
    Cancer or not, not eating any animal products whatsoever is going to make you quite thin. If for no other reason than most things have animal products thus there just isnt a lot to eat.


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  • z3r0
    Apr 14, 05:48 PM
    He was at Microsoft for 2 years and over a decade at Yahoo. I would say he's more of a Yahoo employee then Microsoft.

    I'm pretty sure he didn't fit in at Microsoft the same way ex-IBMer Papermaster did at Apple.

    Its a good thing he's going to work at Apple. Hopefully he can help build a FreeBSD backend like Yahoo once had in it's glory days!

    What I find ironic is Apple building data centers and pushing the cloud while they just finished acing the Xserve.

    Apple should make a move and buyout Joyent if they really want to get serious. Joyent has been picking up a lot of top talent!

    noone seems to be happy Apple is bringing in employees from even microsoft. But dont ya think this is kinda a real sign of the dominance Apple is starting to have.

    Also maybe Apple has managed to pick out the small piece of talent microsoft had? haha the new strategy will be steal all the good employees, much cheaper than buying them out.

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  • WestonHarvey1
    Feb 24, 12:44 AM
    It's like the extreme right wing has invaded this board. I'd expect at least one defense of government regulations here.


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  • 4JNA
    Apr 17, 11:58 PM
    Ultimately where does all this research go? Who is benefitting from it all? I can't help but think that all this research will just enable some multi-billion dollar drug company to come up with some pill that they can patent and make billions of more dollars. I tried reading the faqs of Folding@home, but it does not really say where all this research is going. I am sure the scientists mean well with their research, but ultimately they will not be the ones creating the drugs to cure these diseases. Drug companies will be doing that, and they are strictly profit oriented.

    per the FAQ on the F@H page...

    Who "owns" the results? What will happen to them?

    "Unlike other distributed computing projects, Folding@home is run by an academic institution (specifically the Pande Group, at Stanford University's - Chemistry Department), which is a nonprofit institution dedicated to science research and education. We will not sell the data or make any money off of it.

    Moreover, we will make the data available for others to use. In particular, the results from Folding@home will be made available on several levels. Most importantly, analysis of the simulations will be submitted to scientific journals for publication, and these journal articles will be posted on the web page after publication. Next, after publication of these scientific articles that analyze the data, the raw data of the folding runs will be available for everyone, including other researchers, here on this web site."

    it's open source science. everyone participates, everyone wins.

    2) My electricity prices are going up by about 10% so I really don't like the idea of my iMac running 24-7 eating up electricity, and adding to the wear and tear of my system. I'm not sure what the monthly cost would be running Folding@home, but I'm sure it adds up.

    the cost of gasoline is up also, but i still drive my paper/plastic/glass to the city recycle point to keep it out of a landfill. i guess i don't get the point of the question. if you can afford the small increase in cost due to additional electrical usage, then fold. if not, don't.

    no idea which system you have, but a quick guesstimate of a current imac running folding with the screen set to turn off when not being used would be around 100-120w, so like leaving a light bulb on. well, an old school incandescent bulb... you do have all LED and CFLs since you worry about electric rates, right?

    if i had only an imac and a desire to fold, i'd leave the imac alone and build a cheap pc system to fold with. no wear and tear, better results, lower cost. just my 2 cents.

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  • likemyorbs
    Apr 13, 11:46 AM
    source - wiki
    In an ethnic sense, an Ashkenazi Jew is one whose ancestry can be traced to the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe.
    A 2006 study found Ashkenazi Jews to be a clear, relatively homogenous genetic subgroup

    Yes Corvus, that i already knew. But since they trace their roots to europe, and not the middle east, that technically makes them caucasian. And with the amount of blonde/red haired jews with blue eyes and fair skin i've met in my life, it's a hard pill for me to swallow to say they're not white. :p


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  • manic
    Sep 25, 10:51 AM
    this is the sorryiest bit of non-news ive seen in a while.

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  • retroneo
    Nov 6, 03:25 AM
    I like the MasterCard� PayPass� idea but you still need to take out a card and deal with your wallet

    PayPass is an implementation of NFC. You don't need to take it out of your wallet.

    In fact I have four NFC cards in my wallet and the all work without taking them out. The reader seems to know which one to use (transport, car sharing, door access and paypass)

    NFC is ISO 14443

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  • bunger
    Apr 5, 10:51 AM
    I will look into those... any other options?

    Apr 21, 09:15 AM
    I doubt the next MBA will have a backlit keyboard for several reasons including the power consumption that it would take and the less battery life it would mean. Also it was stated that it is a key feature on the Pro and they need a reason for it to seem "Pro". Who would choose a thicker/heavier computer if you could get the thinner lighter computer with the same features? Minus the optical drive of course.

    The argument of Sandy Bridge making up for the GPU is more or less not true and like always it depends on what the computer is used for. CPU intensive applications? Its an upgrade. Gaming? Its a downgrade. Light surfing? No change.

    And if one person comments on "Gaming on MBA? lol" get over it. People like myself enjoy playing games on business trips and on the sofa. My 11 ultimate runs WoW like a Pro. (Pun intended)

    Sep 16, 06:53 AM
    Originally posted by solvs

    I'm just so tired of PC weenies saying Macs are all style, no substance. And like many computer users who actually use their computers, I'm torn. Speed and price, or style and stability?

    Only when Real-Time is really Real-Time, only then will I be truly happy.

    Please stop the stability ************. We are not living in the age of windows 95 any more. Some of you guys live with illusions.

    Apr 18, 12:58 AM
    Hope to see you join the team GSX, if you don't won't to run it 24/7 don't just have the client on when you use the computer. It is designed so that you do not notice a decrease in speed when using the client.

    Great to know the the project is open, I never gave it that much thought :o Still even if it was run at a profit the fact is a cure has still occured :)

    Mar 27, 01:26 AM
    He dresses the same way outside of keynotes! :D

    Jun 10, 06:01 AM
    Back at my computer, finally.
    A lumbago kept me laying down in front of my tv since sunday. sucks.
    Thx for helping out with the user questions.

    Time to do some work on the widget :D

    Welcome back, i was wondering what had happened to you.

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