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  • arnet
    11-21 01:50 PM
    few days ago, I tried to extend H4 visa for my spouse but I heard through one of the lawyer in the firm that once H4 visa holder used EAD, H4 becames invalid unless you enter again in POE using H4, we cant apply for H4 extension as the current status is AOS. But we are still exploring it.

    I checked in H4 extension form I-539, they ask:
    1. current immigration status?
    2. whether you want to extend current status or change of status?

    But my spouse is working so if we say change status to H4 from AOS then not sure whether she can use immediately EAD to work? I opened a thread regarding this.

    Anybody experienced the same issue as above? Thanks.

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  • santa123
    11-03 07:35 AM

    Thanks for your reply meridiani.planum.
    I precisely wanted to know if there are any forms like DS-146 for L1B renewal, where we officially communicate our immigration intention.

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  • maverick_joe
    11-13 04:17 PM
    Approval receipt has been received but no EAD card yet even after 30 days.what can be done? I opened a SR but they say wait for response for another 45 days!! If I have to reapply should I pay the fees again? Please help!

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  • Raj Iyer
    09-22 05:03 PM
    IF at the time of applying for the H-1B, you were on a valid H4 status and H4's validity was beyond October 1, 2010 then you should have have been granted an H-1B change of status with a valid I-94. In case your H4 was not valid or you requested a consular notification, then you need to go to your home country and get visa stamp from the consulate and come back to the U.S.


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  • roseball
    04-05 04:52 PM
    You dont have to apply for a COS as long as she is leaving US before her current I-94 expires. However, note that when she goes for her H4 interview, she might be asked to prove her H1 status by showing her employment details (recent pay checks, tax documents..) in addition to your employment documents before they give her the H4 Visa...This happened with one of my friends at Chennai embassy...Just wanted to give you a heads up on that....

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  • ndev2k
    12-08 04:52 AM


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  • whiteStallion
    10-14 03:14 AM
    I agree, so disappointing !

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  • Prashanthi
    06-23 05:04 PM
    You would need to take an updated affidavit of support and you latest tax returns if you have filed for any dependents and they have been called for the interview also. Would be useful for you to take the I-140 approval with you. All your original certificates, including birth and marriage, employment letter, W-2's, medicals if the ones that you submitted have expired, you need to follow the list of documents as per the interview letter. If your spouse has been called for the interview you would need to take joint documents and photographs to show that it is a bona fide marriage.


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  • anon123x456z
    11-02 07:06 PM
    Can anybody help me??

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  • sayantan76
    10-09 09:38 AM

    One could only hope that BusinessWeek readers perceive this as a case of a few bad apples and not the whole cart.
    are we kidding ourselves......when times are bad - most people like to look for external reasons to blame.......

    US Citizens who read this would readily accept that H1B workers are the cause of all job-losses.


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  • pappu
    09-10 11:27 AM
    If anyone is planning to drive from CT for the rally or is not driving because they are unsure, or not motivated enough... then here is your chance.

    We can join together and go to DC and come back together. I am planning to go on Monday 17th morning. Ill be coming from New Haven/Hamden area in CT.

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  • smaram1
    09-21 11:03 PM
    I had Mar 05 PD through RIR but lost it as i never applied for I140. 4 other guys from my company are in the same boat as mine...

    Current PD is Oct 05 through PERM...

    By the way i dont think we can ever find the count between Jan 05 - Mar 05 through this thread...Data from FOIA request would be more helpful


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  • reno
    04-04 07:48 PM

    I have a 4.5 years BSEE degree with the following remarks in chronological order:

    - Graduated in 1996 after 4.5 years at a non-US University
    - 1996, worked 2 years in company A as an embedded software designer
    - 1998, worked 6 years in a fortune 500 company as an embedded software engineer.
    defended my thesis and got my BSEE diploma/certificate (a.k.a Titulo or Title in english)!!!!.
    - 2005 - present, working with my current US employer under H1B.

    Despite the fact that I worked as an engineer since 1996 with just the course completion certificate (in my country that�s the only document you need to start working as an Electrical Engineer but not so for other engineering or professional disciplines) the issue is that I defended my thesis in 2005 so I could obtain the official diploma which was a requirement for my H1 visa.

    My current employer is planning on opening a new job position that would require a MS degree or BS+5 years progressive experience, in other words the so called EB2 job requirements. Do I qualify for that EB2 position?, Would the experience I have since 1996 count as progressive experience?, should I wait for an EB3 position instead?


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  • sdudeja
    04-12 06:43 PM
    I am not sure if someone is in same situation.For my I140 it says the following

    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On April 1, 2009 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    I am not sure what does this mean. If some one can throw some light.


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  • chanduv23
    12-10 11:33 AM
    Please contribute

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  • lskreddy
    01-28 11:17 PM
    have u seen the legal immigration/ foriegn workers issue address by Bush today. althou he spoke just 1-2 sentences. stating that ' legal immigration system needs to be fixed, so that foriegn workers are in no harm

    Bush did not mention a single word about legal immigration. He was referring to foreign (limit/read that as Mexican) workers and putting in place programs to stem the flow of additional undocumented ones. He spoke just over a minute and there was not a bit to be gleeful about for legal immigrants.

    have really started


    These tough times for folks like me have been there for the past several years. Now, I am hoping the letters campaign does make an impact and get the much required good will.

    As a side note, seems like the writers have sort of given up already on his last year of his presidency as the entire speech was rather mundane. In a troubled time for the entire country with the economy down, house market bust, recession looming, he chose to highlight the past and glorify to garner legacy.

    Will it be a year of inaction? I hope not, lets us do our bit by supporting efforts of IV.


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  • add78
    04-21 05:07 PM

    If someone is going to be filing for I-140 on a recently approved EB2 (India) while on H1-B in USA with same employer, is it better to check the first box (Alien will apply for visa at a consulate abroad - meaning consular processing of 485) instead of AOS? My understanding is once I-140 is approved and if 485 dates become current, then if CP has been indicated on I-140, then the consulate abroad will order visa number in the month after and the person should get an interview call, even if the dates retrogress back in the following months?
    In that case indicating CP is better than AOS on I-140? If so, can the person continue to work on H-1 while waiting for the interview call at consulate abroad?

    Thoughts appreciated. Anyone please?

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  • Dhundhun
    05-02 11:48 PM
    Has anyone paper filed for renewal of EAD and AP together?
    I am trying to file these together wanted to know if i can fedex both the applications together in the same package.
    Please advise.

    Same Fedex is OK, but make two packets.

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  • panky72
    06-19 09:37 PM
    Thanks Panky72, where should I file the EAD

    Sorry cant help you in this regard. I filed at NSC for 485 and EAD/AP.

    04-21 11:37 PM

    I am really confused about my current status.

    I am currently on Opt Extension, which expires on June 1st 2010.
    When i filed for H1b visa last year April 2009.

    I got my petition approved, but my change of status was denied.
    The reason was stated as :
    The status previously accorded the worker had expired before this petition was filed. Therefore, the worker si not eligible for change of status.

    Now, I am still in US. Is my status illegal?

    Unless there is more to the story, you are currently in F1 status assuming that you are not violating OPT rules (e.g., you must be employed in your major field of study --- you cannot keep looking for job on OPT more than 3 months or so, IIRC). Your F1 status will cease when the OPT expires. You will go out of status from June 1, 2010 and so you should go out of US on or before that date. Then you need to get H1-B visa stamp from a consulate abroad (usually it has to be the consulate in your home country for the first stamping) and reenter US.

    Make sure that you are not violating any OPT rules --- maybe USCIS thought that you are and that is why they denied COS?

    11-16 01:05 AM
    I understand the 180 days rule after filing 485. what if the eb3(140 approved) based 485 has been pending for 180 days, and a newly approved eb2 140 has just been ported to the pending 485.

    Yes, 180 days rules applies to your 485 receipt date on your receipt notice.

    Is there a rule that the 180 days started over again after porting, since it's a new 140, which implys the applicant intends to work for the 140 position for a period of time.

    There is no rule that makes the "180 days" clock to restart.

    What are the risks if the applicant changes the job right after eb2 140 gets approved, and changed the underlining 140 of the pending 485 from eb3 to the newly approved eb2.

    There are no risks as long as your eb2 140 is approved, you have crossed 180 days count. Additionally, AFTER you have received a confirmation from USCIS that your eb3 to eb2 porting is successful and the new approved 140 is the underlying petition to support your 485

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