Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • mfacey
    Apr 3, 12:08 AM
    I think that Apple was probably aiming to make Pages into a desktop publishing program but then found halfway through that most of the features added in were pretty similar to what word has. Maybe that's why Jobs decided to put it head to head with Word?
    Word is great for standard, no non-sense typing. But as soon as you start getting a long document with various pictures and a self-updating table of contents (ie proper layout and publishing stuff) it becomes more and more awful. Once you have an 40+ pages almost everytime you move an image slightly you know its going to destroy your document. It has brought me to the point that I just want to throw my computer out of the window various times. (This was a PC by the way, I always forgive my mac by just telling myself that microsoft are the people that put me in this nightmarish situation :rolleyes: ).
    Lets just hope Apple implements some major improvements to Pages in the next release. I wouldn't mind having a program that can do layout AND word-processing properly!

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  • CaoCao
    Apr 16, 12:59 AM
    Nobody is saying you can't discriminate against someone who's shoved a gun in your face and asked for all the money in your cash register.

    However, what's your rationale for discriminating against someone who has sat down at a table and wants to order a hamburger and fries?

    Males are far more likely to commit violent crimes than females. If you were worried about statistics, then it would make sense to open an "ladies only" establishment.

    I'm pointing out just how ridiculous discrimination is ;)

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  • puuukeey
    Sep 1, 05:20 AM
    I kinda feel like we should at least have the option to not have every element of our gui bogged down with image files.

    I was thinking that it would be cool if more of the UI was plain openGL and less image based. how cool (although impracticle) would it be if the entire gui was 5 channels. R, G, B, alpha, displace. Then the os could load ONE metal image, and all the sliders, buttons,wells could be smokey glass(slightly transparent, dark grey, and displaced the image behind it like a glass of water.) that would be more open gl work but less loading of images.

    that would reflect the realitive increase in graphics processors comprared to regular ones.

    sometimes I just wonder how quick an update to the classic interface would fly on a modern machine

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  • Tyre
    Jun 10, 02:38 PM
    this analyst needs to do better homework. the t-mobile 3g band isn't supported on any of the iphones, including the iphone 4.

    As opposed to what, the new CDMA iPhone? As was stated by screensaver400 it would be much easier to add a 1700 band than redesign for CDMA (though numerous rumors have suggested that Apple is preparing a CDMA iPhone.)

    As for carriers, look what the iPhone does to networks, both here and abroad. How much complaining do you hear about AT&T and O2 as exclusive carriers? The huge strain on their networks balances out the publicity and business they've gotten from being the sole cell companies offering the iPhone. The unlimited data plan castration will follow the iPhone wherever it goes. It could make a comeback as networks improve, but I doubt it because bandwidth expansion is accompanied with larger/more complex files.

    Add an iPhone potentially video conferencing over 3g plus multitasking and no carrier would be willing to shoulder that data load.


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  • Cartoonkid
    Jan 6, 03:27 PM
    This is probably a very easy question, but how do I get to that screen?

    Settings / Facebook / Push Notifications

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  • iLoveiTunes
    Mar 23, 01:11 PM
    I thought other players were also offering such technology... Hows airplay any different ? :cool:

    Unless they want to copyright the term "AirPlay"


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  • iamvexed
    Apr 24, 09:09 AM
    I had this same issue, and decided that I didn't need to have the computers the same, since it was only certain files I'd really need the same. So I got dropbox ( which has worked famously.

    Had I needed more synced, I'd have gone with Chronosync (, which has been reviewed pretty decently.

    I hope that helps!

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  • hasek3139
    Apr 29, 09:39 PM
    Hey everyone!
    After a few days of trying to:
    a) Wipe the phone / Jailbreak
    b) Restore/Update/ Wipe Jailbreak
    c) Update and rejailbreak

    I came up with nothing.

    When I plug my phone into the computer, Itunes notices it, but cannot read any information and thus makes me restore. It downloaded the 4.3.2 firmware and started to get to work. After about 10 minutes it finally said failed. This happened over and over and over. Even using my own firmwares and the shift+click method. (Tried same 4.1, 4.2 and another 4.3.2). Nothing works. I even tried using iREB to put it into "Pwn dfu mode", but still I get errors. Anyone have any ideas?

    The next thing I'm going to try to do is use another computer.
    Also, what is that thing with changing the hosts file. I don't completely understand what it does and if it would help.

    Again, thanks!


    Fix my phone :(

    this link helped me out maybe it will help you


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  • shartypants
    Apr 5, 10:52 AM
    Even if it is not a fake, not really earth shattering news anyway.

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  • bcaslis
    Apr 28, 08:58 AM
    Where do you think the Thunderbolt port might even go in the Air? Will it replace one of the USB ports? Doesn't seem like there's really that much room... thoughts?

    The Thunderbolt port takes up no additional room. It replaces the miniDisplay port that is already on the machine.


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  • Cheffy Dave
    Apr 12, 06:42 PM
    I have the first gen, Mysore has the second gen, we LOVE them:eek:

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 23, 01:12 AM
    Trump is basically the male version of Palin, so I don't want him anywhere near the whitehouse. He's way too far to the right, and I'm pretty sure he would totally mess up the country if he somehow was elected.

    I think Palin is a hell of a lot better than Trump and Palin is very bad.


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  • redeye be
    May 23, 04:03 PM
    IMPORTANT The widget doesn't work at the moment, sorry. I'll try to fix it, one day ;) /IMPORTANT

    Hello folders and interested people.

    I was thinking about a widget to display your folding efforts, a few days after my first thought i stumbled on this ( thread. Apparently stubeeef had been thinking about this before i did.

    Anyhow, here's ( the widget (current version 0.5b).
    Please read this post through before reporting bugs :o.

    The widget has been reported to work in Amnesty (, a dashboard for 10.3.9 users (thx stubeeef for testing this)

    the front:
    the bigger front:
    the back:

    a small FAQ (lol frequently)

    Set up:
    If your Mac didn't do it for you, put FoldingTracker.wdgt in /Library/Widgets
    On the backside of the widget fill in your 'numeral user id' I should find a better name for this one.

    How do I find this 'numeral user id'?
    You can find it very easily by clicking on the logo. On the right side of the page fill in your folding username. If you found your username, klick it. A page containing your folding efforts will load.

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  • Blakjack
    Apr 21, 01:26 PM
    Apple and its development community are joined at the hip.


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  • e-coli
    Apr 1, 10:13 AM
    Well they removed everything good, so this is pretty much a load of crap now.

    Unless you want to watch Ron Burgundy...ahem I mean Chris Matthews...on your iPad.

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  • mauly
    Feb 12, 06:48 PM
    I want to put my O Brother, Where Art Thou? cd onto iTunes!! but I don't want to have all 15 artist names in the browser!

    Is there any tips out there or do I just have to delete each name and just call it O Brother, Where Art Thou? so I can have it all under 1 artist - if you no what I mean??


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  • cameronjpu
    Apr 12, 08:03 PM
    Um.. the iPad does NOT even make calls. How could it drop them to begin with? *duh*

    It must suck to never get jokes.

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  • xyz1534
    Mar 10, 10:26 PM
    Still undecided on whether to go to the Apple Store or BB...

    Either way will probably head over to Stonebriar since I don't think there's a BB near Willow bend....

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 19, 12:25 PM
    Who cares about Expose. Give me Multi-Touch Gesturing like I have on iPad 2. 4-5 finger swipe accross apps, 4-5 finger swipe up to show the mult-tasking pane; 4-5 finger pinch-close to get to the home screen........What can beat that??????

    AFAIK you can have it today on your iPhone if you buy X-Code for 4.99 and enable the developer preview.

    shake-to-anything is a bad idea.

    On a phone at least.

    Even worse of an idea on an iPad.

    Sep 21, 10:44 AM
    I did the update and still can't get XP to load. Blue screen just after loading all the drivers for install. I used this same CD to install on my MBP (before I sold it to get the Mac Pro [yes, I uninstalled it before selling it, so no piracy here]), so I know it's the Mac Pro that hates Windows as much as me.

    Feb 18, 04:46 PM
    Thats what I thought.

    i mostly thought that there's a lot of white people at that table :) haha

    Oct 12, 09:08 AM
    NO? cos that would make it a MBP

    Apart from the backlit keyboard, choice of screen (which is also larger), aluminium casing, expresscard.

    Some aren't that convinced that it's worth the extra coin though, and I can empathise with that view too.

    Oct 11, 07:22 PM
    i dont know if it was posted yet but god please put out an iphone with a physical keyboard.

    i miss my tilt and the ability to see everything i type in text.

    AT&T Tilt was amazing, I loved the phone and best keyboard ever.

    I so hope they bring out an iPhone like!!!

    May 3, 04:27 PM
    Not all lives are "equal". One life of an important financial worker who perished at WTC might be worth more than 1000 soldiers. That's the order of society. A soldier's life is meant to be sacrificed to protect the worker. Some "warriors" are born to be this way, like army ants. The worker is more important because he makes guns to put into the hands of new soldiers. And of course, as you may have noticed, many of the front line (infantry) consists of would be rejects of society that have been conditioned and given a chance to serve a greater purpose than to become delinquents or menial workers that they would have been. "Unimportant Lives" in the big picture despite what their own families think of them. That's the unwritten rule.

    In history, war is the driver of innovation...from the measly dart, to the nuclear warhead. Whether we will sustain through it to reap the benefits ourselves may be another Nazi Germany where we stole all their world changing innovations after we collapsed them. Although it may bring disgust to some ppl today, Nazi Germany was one of the greatest economic, technological, and war machines ever devised and Adolf Hitler was one of the most influential and greatest men who ever lived...for his people. He just lost so we don't believe in what he tried to establish.

    If there is no war, we would build more capitalistic indulgence crap to make eachother happy and lazy. But in war, we build things that help us survive. Advanced in bomb detection leads to better sensors for medical diagnosis.
    Advances in robots leads to better prosthetics and automating.
    Advances in field portable displays leads to large LED screens for remote surgery.
    Advances in nanotech will potentially change everything we know of as "technology" today.

    Many of the above will assist the "cure for cancer", or whatever it is that scares you to death. If you think that during "peacetime", everyone and their mom will devote their lives to "finding the cure", you are sadly mistaken. Humans are lazy...until their life is immediately threatened. War is why we evolved so far past the next "animal".

    I can see your description of the "order of society". There is some truth there, but due to the perceived value of humans and the efficiency of robots, I believe robots will replace humans on the force end of policy.

    We've had this discussion before but every time you equate human advances to man's selfishness and tendency to kill each other to gain advantage it is thoroughly depressing. No matter how much we enrich ourselves and advance tecnically, we'll be losers until we can realize other motivators to reach a higher level of existence.

    For Your Reference: It was just reported on MSNBC that the U.S.budget has been cut $38B which equals 19 weeks in Afghanistan. Think about what this war is costing us. We can just hand over our social programs to keep the fighting going, no biggy, right?

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